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California Bans Tiny Shampoo Bottles in Hotels – Creating a Bigger Problem Than They “Solve?”

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If you have a majority of Democrats in charge of something, they are looking to California for inspiration. The left coast is Moonbat Mecca, and this latest attempt at regulation is classic leftist-idiocy.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a law that will outlaw small convenience plastic bottles in every hotel room in the State.

This bill, commencing January 1, 2023, for lodging establishments with more than 50 rooms, and January 1, 2024, for lodging establishments with 50 rooms or less, would prohibit a lodging establishment, as defined, from providing a small plastic bottle containing a personal care product to a person staying in a sleeping room accommodation, in any space within the sleeping room accommodation, or within a bathroom shared by the public or guests.

They think they are helping the environment. And yes, there are a few large hotel chains that are already on board. Why? They save a small fortune by not having to provide shampoo or conditioner or lotions. Sorry, State law. 

Will everyone effected go around being dirty or stinky? Hell, no.

Will high-end establishments let their guests feel inconvenienced? Hell, no.

They will provide, sell, or direct their guests to local stores that do sell, full-size bottles of the products they require. Quantities that they cannot then take home on a flight because you can’t carry more than 3.4 oz. on a commercial flight.

What is to become of the larger bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion left behind? The cleaning staff may benefit from the freebies, but the odds are high that most of it will get washed down a drain and the bottle thrown away. Or, just thrown away with the contents still inside.

Cleaning chemistry down the drain,  large plastic bottles and their contents added to the waste stream.


Wait. There is one more option. The ban is on small plastic bottles holding six ounces or less.

Look, a 6.5 oz bottle! You still can’t take it on a plane, and unless you are there for more than a few days, that’s not getting used up.

The law doesn’t go into effect for a few years, but it includes fines from 500 to 2000 dollars.

New Hampshire does not currently have any legislation in play to mimic the California law, but we have Plastic straw and single-use plastics bills back in the queue.

2020-2277 HB Title: establishing a fee for certain single-use plastics.
Sponsors: (Prime) Chris Balch

2020-2511 HB Title: restricting the distribution of plastic straws.
Sponsors: (Prime) Judith Spang