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Another Major CNN Whistle Blower Story To Drop From Project Veritas

Project_Veritas James O'Keeffe

Remember, Whistleblowers (like women) are to be believed. Unless they are not. The latter meaning, when the information shared damages the reputation or credibility of the Left. But what if the details are captured on video? Sue, the messenger.

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This has been the plight of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas who have continued to be Breitbart long after his untimely demise. Take the fight to them. Use Alinsky tactics. Not only making them live up to their book of rules but recording them when they don’t, and exposing them as frauds.

Exposing CNN can’t be all that difficult if you can find someone more interested in Journalistic Integrity than climbing a ladder of opportunity.

Project Veritas did. The whistleblower came to them. And now we have the promise of many hours of hidden-camera journalism from inside CNN. More evidence that the so-called “most trusted name in news” is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

No, it’s not for us. We already knew that. It will be for us to share. To put into forums and in front of people who are either not sure they have been hoodwinked or who have trusted CNN but will be suitably outraged when they learn the truth.

The media you trusted picked a side and pretended they did not. The Left side, mostly. The folks who want to raise your taxes. Scare your money out of your pockets. Spend it on their friends and family.

And if you think they are your friends, they are not. When the video comes out I’m sure we’ll see that clearly.

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