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Windham – Because no one else was standing up

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Communities often wish to sweep bad things under the rug.  The Elites want to have others outside of their town or city to believe that things are all sunshine and candy bars.  All the kids are above normal, the schools are great, crime is all but non-existent, taxes are low, their economy is booming – life is grand.

“We don’t have time for that”


Until a Big Flashlight is brought into the deep corners and under the rug from the outside – and someone inside says “there’s a problem; it’s real and it needs to be addressed.  And in almost all situations when someone comes forward, it’s personal and they have nowhere else to go.  They’ve realized that no one else sees that there is a problem, no one else is acknowledging that there IS a problem and that no one else is standing up including town employees that are paid to watch out for these things.

At some point, enough is enough.  At some point, the problem is too much to ignore. At some point, the swept-under-the-rug problem results in a bump that can no longer be hidden. At some point, someone realizes:

If not me, who else?


Because there is no one else has or will. Because at some point with this one, somebody is going to die over it. So they stand up, no matter the personal embarrassment, exposing their family in a bad light, the bad PR for them personally, and especially the opprobrium from furious critics/town “Elites” that the Big Flashlight is covering something they still want hidden. Not that it isn’t a problem, they just don’t want it in the Public’s eyes.  Dirty Laundry, as it were. Especially if it is on their watch and they are supposed to be responsible. No sense of personal responsibility.

Do you know what happens with dirty laundry?  After a while, it starts to stink.  And stink badly.

Sidenote: He and I have been friends for a few years now.  Smart guy, workaholic-get-things-done guy, amusing guy, fun to talk with – and a guy that was out of options.  He called GraniteGrok – of course, we responded. We’re bringing the Big Flashlight.

To Be Continued…#GrokInvestigates


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