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Warren Money Spent at Lemonade Stand Photo-Op Donated to March for Life

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My earlier prediction that Biden would win the nomination if he didn’t implode still applies. He is imploding. Liz Warren, on the other hand, is surging. In part because she’s the selfie-queen. But this photo-op didn’t entirely turn out according to ‘Plan.’

Warren tweet Lemonade

“Our daughters thought [Warren] was nice,” said Dan Michels, a Trump supporter whose daughter was running the stand, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Warren paid $10 for seven $1 cups of lemonade. The Michels family then discussed how to use the money.

She paid $10.00 for $7.00 worth of lemonade. Which sounds like a bribe. If it were Trump, it would be influence-peddling. A vote-buying scheme. The Democrat House would open an investigation, and they’d add it to the articles of impeachment. 

And after spending 30 million dollars to expose the corruption, the verdict would be inconclusive, but someone would then charge him with obstruction of justice. Maybe link it to Ukraine.

Warren, for her part, is probably nice enough. At least to children and donors. But her core is rotten. She will lie to promote her Marxist agenda. That’s the only way to advance it. No one in their right mind embraces Marxism unless they are incapable of basic math or are convinced they will be at the top of that food chain.

Everyone else is a useful idiot. 

But the parents of these kids are not that sort.

“We talked about the abortion part of things and said maybe we should donate money to stop abortion, and my daughter was all for that.”

They donated it to the March for Life Education and Defense Fund. I bet Fauxcahontus is excited about that.

One more point. Did Warren ask them if they had a permit for the Lemonade stand?

If she wins will she set the IRS on them?

Democrats like to do that too.

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