Veto Override Day is Coming (9/18) ... Eyes on You House and Senate GOP ... Eyes on You - Granite Grok

Veto Override Day is Coming (9/18) … Eyes on You House and Senate GOP … Eyes on You

Governor Sununu vetoed a bunch of really bad DemocRAT bills. He should have vetoed many, many more … but I am grateful for what he did.

The RATS are holding a legislative session on September 18th to override the vetoes. And the Left are mounting a full court press in support of override. For example, from the ACLU:

HB 706 was a dirty, backroom political deal that lets the BOSSES of each Party hand-pick the members of the (NOT AT ALL) “independent” redistricting commission. It takes power away from the people … by marginalizing the power of their representatives to affect redistricting … and transfers that power to the BOSSES. Sununu was right to veto HB 706.

And here’s one from the French-owned Stonyfield Yogurt:

Saves money for businesses like the French-owned Stonyfield by forcing utilities to “buy” … or “credit” if you prefer … “excess” electricity generated by by the “clean energy” at rates higher than what it would cost the utility to produce the electricity itself. In other words, it is a SUBSIDY.

And who pays for the subsidy? Of course, the cost is passed on to consumers in the form of higher electricity bills. So, again, another good veto.

Unfortunately, many GOP legislators betrayed the voters who sent them to Concord by voting for these and other DemocRAT bills. In some cases, it is because they are RINOs. In other cases, it is because they were duped by the lobbyists … or believe that the “public hearings” that the RATS packed with the special interests actually reflect public opinion. And in other cases, it is Stockholm-Syndrome … they desperately want to be liked by the RATS and the press and so try to be “bipartisan.”

But whatever the reason, eyes on you GOP. If you side with the DemocRATS and the ACLU … and the French-owned Stonyfield etc. etc. etc. … I will do all I can to ruin you politically.