"The Smoke Signals Say It’ll Be Trump Vs. Warren" - Granite Grok

“The Smoke Signals Say It’ll Be Trump Vs. Warren”

Kurt Schlichter is a must read for me when his columns come out over at Townhall.  Honest, in your face, take no prisonors, don’t care about the Left’s feelings?  It’s all good and this one (which you should go and read) is about his thoughts on Lieahwatha getting the Democrat Socialist nod to try to take Trump’s scalp…heh! A bit reformatted, emphasis mine:

Elizabeth Warren is on the way to securing the Democrat nomination, and the ensuing general election battle will be a re-run of Little Bighorn except, ironically, Sitting Bolshevik will be Custer. Trump’s going to drag her kicking and screaming and nagging, always nagging, down the trail of tears until that glorious November night when Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and maybe Minnesota all express their reservations over sending this tiresome scold to the White Wigwam in Washington.

Oh, are you a True Conservative™ who gets the sadz at this Mohican mockery? Too bad, you sissy submissives – you have not seen the last of it. Not by a long shot. We battlecons are never going to get tired of rubbing her cheesy ethnic appropriation in her pale face, nor will Donald Trump. Soon Not-Senile Joe will be out of the way – and yeah, rickety polling aside, in part thanks to Trump’s Ukrainian briar-patch play Hairplug One is headed for the unhappy hunting grounds. And once he’s gone, the Bad Orange Man is going to start pounding Hackagawea and he’s not gonna stop until he’s secured four more years.

…Where Kirstin Gillibrand came across as America’s First Wife, Warren comes across as that irritating middle school librarian who is constantly demanding that we all use our inside voices and who puts up posters that say “Reading Is Cool!” with a picture of the Fonz. Functionaries like that are just fine for keeping seventh graders from burning down the school and for passing out tomes so the kids can learn them their cypherin’, but grown men and women neither need nor want some National Nag pestering them to be better people. For one thing, we’re already manifestly better than the cast of weirdos, losers and pinko mutations that make up Warren’s motley base.

…Maybe the Democrat base thinks that after losing with their last unlikeable shrew, the shrews are due…

Go read it.

(H/T: Townhall)