Texas Shooting Details Not in but ‘WE WANT MORE GUN CONTROL NOW!’ - Granite Grok

Texas Shooting Details Not in but ‘WE WANT MORE GUN CONTROL NOW!’

Shannon Watts

Yesterday, a man in the Odessa-Midland area of Texas was pulled over for a traffic stop by police. Before the police could even go to his car, he started shooting at them. The killer then drove his car and randomly shot at innocent people along his way. He was finally gunned down by the police after stealing a United States Postal Service mail truck and continuing to shoot at random, innocent people.

No one knew the details of the killer or even his name but the gun control crowd instantly dipped their hands in the blood of the victims, still laying where they were murdered, and used their blood to demand MORE GUN CONTROL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of you know, NH, VT and ME have some of the least strict gun control laws but they are all three consistently the SAFEST STATES in the country. FACTS don’t matter to paid hacks like Watts.

And of course, failed NH Senator Maggie Hassan had to chime in as well:

Remember, Hassan wants to ban all semi-automatic rifles so she’s just sticking true to form even though, it still wasn’t clear what type of firearm the killer used.

Of course, no one knows the details about how the killer obtained his firearm or if the government failed, again, as they have in the past, to stop him because they were watching him. Why? Because those details WEREN’T AVAILABLE when gun control addicts were demanding more gun control.

They care nothing about the victims. They want to turn MORE PEOPLE into victims by making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms to PROTECT themselves FROM psychopathic killers.

What’s interesting is there was a mass shooting in Alabama on Friday night during a football game. There was hardly any mention of it and there was no outrage or trending gun control hastags in the Twitterverse. Why? The killer was black and murdered innocent black people during a football game between two mostly black schools. The killer wasn’t even old enough to legally purchase a firearm.

All anyone knew about the Texas killer is he was a white male who appeared to be in his mid-30s.

The gun control crowd cares nothing about facts. They care nothing about victims and they care nothing about those who want to save their own lives FROM psychopathic killers. They don’t care about gun safety. They only care about CONTROL over law-abiding citizens who dare to protect themselves.