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Maggie Hassan wants to ban due process and all semi-automatic rifles

On Thursday Governor Maggie Hassan’s spokesman, Aaron Jacobs, talked with WMUR about several gun control bills that failed in the senate recently. It was an enlightening conversation considering Hassan has never talked about banning firearms before although she’s always been suspected of being a gun banner due to her allegiance with gun control lobbyist Michael Bloomberg.

Hassan also supports denying innocent people “due process” by denying them rights when they haven’t been accused, indicted or convicted of any crime. The question at hand is the federal government’s secret lists that supposedly contain name of potential terrorists. Of course, no one knows how they get on these lists and currently there appears no way to fight to get off of these lists. Although some have been able to get off of the notoriously erroneous “no fly list” by giving thousands upon thousands of dollars to lawyers to fight the federal government to prove their innocence.

From WMUR:

“But (the Collins bill) does not do nearly enough to ensure that suspected terrorists cannot purchase firearms,” Jacobs said. “Someone who is too dangerous to get on a plane would still be able to buy a gun, just by going online or to a gun show. And there are still hundreds of thousands of suspected terrorists that would not be addressed by this measure at all.”

“It’s critical that we work together to expand background checks to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns at gun shows or online.”

Jacobs also made it clear that Hassan would ban semi-automatic rifles.

Clearly Jacobs is clueless about current law. You cannot purchase a firearm online without a background check. A firearm purchased online is sent to your local Federal Firearms Licensed dealer who then conducts the background check when you pick up the firearm. There is also no such thing as the “gun show loophole.” Once again, background checks are also conducted at gun shows.

Here you have Hassan, who is supposed to be a lawyer who also governs a state, not even knowing the laws that currently exist. She has also decided that innocent people should be denied rights because they are on some random, secret federal government list. How does that even remotely make any sense to someone with a law degree who took an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution?

And for some reason, Hassan is finally admitting she indeed is a “gun banner.” She’s lied to Granite Staters all these years pretending she supports the Second Amendment but when her gun control, lobbyist, puppet master Bloomberg tells her so support a ban, like a good little left wing soldier, she gets right in line.

As usual, Hassan is completely out of touch with her own constituents who helped pass “Constitutional Carry” not once, but twice, in the past two years. Hassan vetoed both bills that would have ended almost 100 years of discrimination, racism, gender bias, bigotry and government overreach. Hassan’s own Department of Safety admitted that New Hampshire citizens are indeed abused when applying for a pistol license. Apparently Hassan’s love for the gun control lobby outweighs the demands of her own constituents so denying due process and banning firearms is what is to be expected if Hassan is elected to the U.S. Senate.