Robert Francis O'Rourke Says He'll Make America a Police-State ... and the Socialist Mob Cheers Wildly - Granite Grok

Robert Francis O’Rourke Says He’ll Make America a Police-State … and the Socialist Mob Cheers Wildly


Bobby Francis O’Rourke is never going to be President of the United States. But there is a chance that one the DemocRATS he shared the debate stage will. (I use DemocRATS to refer to the politicians, pundits, operatives etc. … not the rank-and-file Democrat voters … many of whom are god people and many of whom actually voted for President Trump in 2016.)

And not one of the RATS on the debate stage raised a dissenting voice to Bobby Francis. That suggests that all of the RATS support the idea of government sending heavily-armed police and/or military to kick down the doors of Americans who obtained their firearms legally and pose a threat to nobody … without any prior warning … and use whatever force they deem necessary … to seize those firearms. And that should terrify everyone because that is how a Police-State works … you never know when the government is going to kick your door down and seize your property or arrest you … because you have committed a political crime.

Equally terrifying is the raucous applause Bobby Francis received for screeching that as President he would turn America into a Police-State. These people … the DemocRAT “activists” … never mind not believing in the right to bear arms codified in the 2nd Amendment … do not believe in democracy or due process. They would rather live in an authoritarian country that compels the results they want … lots of “free stuff” for themselves … and where you and I are prevented from saying things they disagree with … e.g., climate change is a hoax, abortion up until birth is evil, etc. … and you and I are prevented from doing things they disagree with … such as exercising the right to bear arms.