Or someone who calls me "An American?" - Granite Grok

Or someone who calls me “An American?”

All of those, I’ve basically been called.  By Progressive Politicians at all levels, by Socialist activists, and ordinary people who believe that just because I have political beliefs opposite them. And they mean you as well, trust me.  YOU are all those things and more. Every thing that they can think of to “cull you” from your friends, your families, and your beliefs, will be hurled at you.

They wish to make you despondent. They wish to beat you down. They want to crush you.

They wish to make you so self-loathing, so downtrodden, so GUILTY that you won’t vote. Not voting for them is alright as long as you fail to vote against them. They wish to silence you. If you are like most, you may be silent so that you and your family will not be a target.

All one has to do is listen to them talk about how they WILL take things away from you. They wish to control your speech, your job, your house, your morals, your beliefs, your children…..everything.  This Presidential campaign (and here in NH, this last year) has made all of that clear.

But in the quiet of the ballot box, you have a voice. A large voice – and remember that voice as you remember what they’ve called you and how they really feel about you.

And remember who calls you “An American”.

(H/T: Powerline)