NH State Senator Jeb Bradley: Boo hoo. Live by the lie, die by the lie. - Granite Grok

NH State Senator Jeb Bradley: Boo hoo. Live by the lie, die by the lie.

Karma (reformatted, emphasis mine): [Bradley] Burned by Sierra Club: “Some supporters of the wood-burning power plants are very upset at the New Hampshire Sierra Club.”

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The supporters failed by less than a half dozen votes to override Sununu’s veto of increased subsidies to the six small producers. A day later the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled a 2018 law granting those subsidies was unconstitutional. The Sierra Club signed onto a letter backing the veto that said the projects are “polluting, costly to operate, and should not receive preferential treatment with seemingly endless subsidies from ratepayers.”

Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, said Sierra Club leaders told him they would back off and take no position after sponsors agreed to remove from the bill the plant owned by waste giant Wheelabrator Technologies. “Maybe it would have lost anyways, but this leaves a bad taste in our mouth,” Bradley said. “This is how you lose total credibility in this place.”

Just look back on your own history, Jeb.  Karma, simple karma.

Sierra Club director Catherine Corkery said her group locally and nationally have consistently opposed the “biomass bailout.” “We appreciate the work senators had done, but we’ve’ always had the same position and look forward to working with senators on clean energy legislation next year,” Corkery said.

They won’t apologize to him.  He trusted an organization that wants NO energy usage other than the costly renewables they want – and his fav of the year, biomass, ain’t it.

Best of my recollection, he’s never apologized to those he GAVE HIS WORD to on Medicaid Expansion. But he’s whining like a little baby now?


(H/T: Union Leader)