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NH Senate Poll: Lewandowski Leads by 20-Points But Most Remain Undecided

NH US Senate Poll

A polling firm called Vote Adjustments released some results on Monday. The question? If the election for the Republican nominee for New Hampshire’s US Senate seat were held today, for whom would you vote?

Undecided won with 49% of the vote.

Corey Lewandowski, who has promised to announce his decision this week (he’s not yet in the) collected 29% of the votes.

Gen. Don Bolduc received 9% support with Speaker Bill O’Brien getting 6% – Other got 5% and Corky Messmer attracted 2% of respondent’s support.

Based on his name recognition alone, Corey clearly has an early advantage. Whether that will push him into the race is not known, though both Skip and I feel certain he will run. 

We also believe this will bring a lot of money and attention to the state as well as putting Shaheen back on her heels. He Seat is winnable for the GOP. More money and attention regardless of the nominee could send her into early retirement. (And there would be much rejoicing.)

It’s only just begun

We have a long haul before the primary and that undecided column will start to shrink. But to whom that support goes depends a lot on the candidates and their message.

We are still scheduling editorial reviews of all the candidates for our internal use. These will be available to our 20 or so authors all of whom will get a vote before GraniteGrok endorses anyone if we do at all.

Please note that individual contributors to the Grok or the MicroGroks are free to endorse whatever Republican they favor and write about those campaigns regardless of if or who GraniteGrok.com endorses.

We also welcome your letters of support or op-ed about any candidate in any Republican primary. 

Fell free to tell us how you feel about the Democrat opponent as well.

*We will complete a new Grok Facebook poll after Corey has announced his decision.