Nashua GOP SteakOut - more MicroInterviews - Granite Grok

Nashua GOP SteakOut – more MicroInterviews

As always, only a couple of question for each that is willing for me to drag them off to a more quiet area to get their responses.  Most are always happy (ok, perhaps “not glum” – heh!) to oblige.  So here are three NH State Reps that I crept up on and they knew immediately that they were caught:

But let me start with Victoria Sullivan (who also spoke during the main SteakOut meeting) who is running for Mayor of Manchester against the incumbent uber-Progressive (that is really running for Governor):

Next we have NH State Reps Jeanine Notter and Kimberly Rice:

And the longest MicroInterview (not so micro at this point but a great answer!) was with NH State Rep Hershal Nunez: