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Mr. Give Me Your F****** Guns Pushes “Safety” Scheme In New Hampshire


Robert Francis O’Rourke wants your guns. His qualifications as a gun-grabber are sterling. He’s another Marxist Democrat. So, he knows what he means when his campaign talks, “gun safety.” And he means it when he wants it for New Hampshire.

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Following the lead of the moms demanding action and the students marching for their lives, and for all of ours, Beto believes we can end this epidemic

No, not the Marxist epidemic that has taken over the Democrat party. He means to ban guns. He has a comprehensive plan to end this tragedy.

First, end the influence of the NRA. This is Alinsky targeting and nothing else. The NRA spends a fraction of what the anti-gun lobby and left-wing special interests dump on the left and their unconstitutional power grabs. In the grand scheme of influence-peddling, they are not anywhere near the top.

Number 2 is national licensing and a gun registry. Three is Universal Background Checks. Then there are weapons, magazine, bump stock, and silencer bans. He’s got a buyback scheme (big surprise), purchase limits, Red Flag Laws, and hey, gun violence is a national emergency.

It is, in places like Chicago and Detroit where they have been working this “gun safety plan” for years. Every weekend is an El Paso or a Dayton. 

The O’Rourke plan is the poison for which the cure is, well, New Hampshire!

Year-after-year, the Granite State leads the nation in having one of the lowest violent crime rates. Low gun-crime. Low property crime. High public health and safety. All because we work to keep the very things that Robert Francis O’Rourke wants to impose on us off the books.

The best gun safety plan is to put guns in the hands of as many law-abiding citizens as possible. This means that Beto and his Marxist buddies (and their plans) are the biggest threat to public safety.

It is up to the people to keep them out of elected-office or they should expect their lives to become incrementally more like life in Baltimore, which is more violent than Central America.

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