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Leftists Have No Honor

Leftists Have no Honor

Last month, the Trump administration instituted a new administrative rule. The purpose is to promote self-sufficiency. It has the additional benefit of ensuring non-citizens can pay their own way.

They should not place an undue burden on America’s social safety net. The limited pool of green cards and visas remains available. America needs immigrants who seek to work hard and contribute to our society.

What is old is new again

Last week the Senate failed to pass an important appropriations bill. Twenty-seven senators introduced a bill to ensure that your taxpayer dollars are spent on illegal immigrants. Those 27 senators are attacking the administration’s “Public Charge” Rule.

The “public charge” rule addresses a key concern of Americans. Immigration is the single biggest issue among Americans. The number one concern is the strain illegal immigrants place on our social safety net. But now, Congressional Democrats are trying to take this conservative victory away. They are pandering to the radical left. Maybe the better way to say this is to recognize they have become the radical left.

Leftists are outraged

Last Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono and 26 other Senate Democrats introduced a bill. The purpose is to block this important immigration rule. These 27 senators want to continue spending your taxpayer dollars on illegal immigrants.

It’s important to note that President Trump’s “public charge” rule is not changing the law. Rather, it is enforcing existing law. Imagine that, the administration wants to respect the rule of law. The law was enacted by President Bill Clinton in 1996. It has gone unenforced by the previous administration. Are you surprised?

In 23 years Democrats have moved so far left that they can’t even abide common-sense laws signed by President Clinton. September 30 is the last day of Fiscal Year 2019. Congress has yet to pass a set of appropriation bills funding the government for the next fiscal year.

The Deal

Before the August recess, the House and Senate did agree to topline spending levels. Those levels are $738 billion for defense and $632 billion for non-defense. The $632 billion figure is bloated. It came with a handshake agreement from Democrats. They agreed to pass “clean” appropriation bills that did not contain new, leftist policies, or poison pills.

Last Thursday, that handshake agreement was shown to be a sham. The Senate failed to pass a clean appropriation bill by a vote of 51-44. The requirement for passage was sixty votes. This is not another case of government ineptitude. The Democrat leadership carefully crafts their plans. Then simply discards them when they are inconvenient. Leftists have no honor.

The Plan

Leftists in the Senate are obstructing actual appropriation bills. Their counterparts in the House passed a continuing resolution (CR). They want to extend funding at current levels through November 21. These leftists want to hold hostage desperately needed funding.

They do not care about Defense and Homeland Security. They do not care about honoring their appropriations agreement. All they care about is setting up their leftist policy riders. Then they will maneuver try to force a bad deal on Americans right before the holidays.


Leftists have no honor. No on can trust their word in a deal. I say shut the Federal government down. Do it now. Keep it shut down until Congress passes a balanced budget that begins debt repayment. Shut it down. Do it now. New Hampshire, do you understand where your senators are on the public charge rule? I’ll give you a hint. They are both Leftists.