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Far-Left Can’t Stop Bitchin’ About Sustained Veto of Unconstitutional ‘Bipartisan’ Bill


You can always tell the worst (of the worst) bills by who complains the most about them failing. Gov. Sununu vetoed HB706 because it was unconstitutional. The effort to give redistricting authority away to unelected pawns. Republicans in the House refused to override the veto, and the Dingbats are off their wingnut.

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New Hampshire’s Open Democracy Action, for example, is one such box of rocks. They think that sustaining this veto is unjust. They also claim to be about transparency and getting big money out of politics. Okay, so what’s the deal with that $1.5 Million you’ve received since 2014? 

Open Democracy Action 990 - 2018


That seems like a lot of cash for one New Hampshire “non-profit.” Where did you get all that money? They’re not going to say. That’s not the transparency they are looking for or the money they want out of politics.

Instead, they say things like this.

“New Hampshire voters should be disgusted at the partisan politics displayed Wednesday in the NH House. The HB 706 independent redistricting commission was a bipartisan bill which passed 20-0 in it’s House committee, 5-0 in it’s Senate committee, passed by a wide margin in the House, and a unanimous voice vote in the Senate.   Instead of overriding the Governor’s veto and having members vote their conscience, party leadership threw New Hampshire voters and fair voting districts under the partisan bus.

(Bad grammar in the original)

Instead of making elected officials negotiate any redistricting (and be held to account by voters for those decisions), Open Democracy Action wants to hand that job over to, as Gov. Sununu rightly described it, an unelected and unaccountable commission selected by political party bosses.”

Your response to the failure of the legislature to give up its job to unelected, unaccountable stooges is claiming the elected officials tasked with the duty are guilty of throwing “New Hampshire voters and fair voting districts under the partisan bus.”

They have like-minded equally ignorant company.


Altschiller NH House Dems HB706


Democrats want this bad. What was the rule on that again?

When contemplating … any Bill a Democrat sponsors, consider what I like to call my rule number one. If Democrats want it, you should probably run away from it. The more they want it, the faster you run.

The only partisan bus is the one taking your unconstitutional bill out to pasture. Your redistricting commission is, in reality, a fixed unaccountable star chamber of connected insiders selected to rig districts for the perpetual growth of government at the expense of taxpayers, liberty, and individual rights.

The things for which the Constitution was drafted to protect the people from the very sort who would vote for and then populate that commission.