Drag Queen Story Hour... Does it Reflect Your Values? - Granite Grok

Drag Queen Story Hour… Does it Reflect Your Values?

Drag Queen Story Hour

Extreme left ideology, as embodied by Drag Queen Story Hour, is being promoted. There is a group trying to see that it comes to every city and town library. My first question to you is: Why is this even a thing? Please, think about this seriously.

What we learn first, we learn best and it lasts the longest

I’m a grandparent today. But when my children were small I never let pole dancers come read bedtime stories to my children in costume. Why does it make any sense that we would not only allow but promote a highly sexual group of people to come read to our community’s children anywhere at anytime? What makes anyone here think this is okay?

Indoctrinating our smallest children early to accept this type of behavior as normal and healthy is bad parenting and at best questionable community leadership.

The entire trans-gendered, non-binary, drag queen thing is growing. Its presentation is as normal and wholesome behavior. It is certainly a popular topic with Leftists. But the movement is for the benefit of about 3 tenths of one percent of the population. So they, not our small children, can feel better about themselves. How backwards and wrong headed is that approach?

Yes, this is about value judgment

Let’s support tolerance and being genuinely loving to all individuals. However this group and this program specifically, should face opposition. Children young enough to be going to story hour do not need such a sexually charged, politically controversial experience.

Communities are made up of groups which are made up of individuals. A distinction needs to be made here. Yes, we love the individual. But we do not accept the behavior. We love the person. The group we oppose. Just as there are age limits on smoking and drinking so too we should consider at what age introduction to this material is appropriate.

Our most valued and vulnerable

It’s hard that there is no clear line… But we make value judgments all the time about risks associated with interpersonal interactions. Where our most valued and vulnerable are concerned… we should err on the side of safety.

More than anything let’s not forget the group really affected by all this long-term is the kids… Do we want our youngest children thrown into the chaos of adult debate over sexual behaviors? We all need to consider such things with seriousness.

Think about it… Can you even imagine wondering if you were a boy or a girl… because someone told you that YOU had to figure that out? That’s just bizarre! Your parents don’t know whether you are a boy or a girl? There is a lesson there… maybe it’s not one we should force a three year old to make.


The Drag Queen Story Hour program is trying to come to our libraries. There was a fellow back at the second World War by the name of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, perhaps you’ve heard of him. He said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil… God will not hold us guiltless… Not to speak is to speak…Not to act is to act.”