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Dems are So Scared of Lewandowski They Are Running an Attack Ad and He Hasn’t Even Announced

Corey Lewandowski

Democrats are good at telling you what scares them. Trump. Free Speech. School Choice. Corey Lewandowski. The former NH AFP State Director and Trump Campaign manager has not even announced his Senate run and Dems are running an Attack Ad against him.

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That means that according to their math, he could beat Jeanne Shaheen and they’ll do anything to stop that. This makes the left look terrified of Lewandoski. A guy who is about as Trumpian as you can get.

Which contradicts the narrative they are trying to set on the undeclared candidate. That Corey is actually a DC swamp thing.

Corey Lewandowski has spent every minute since the 2016 election scheming to cash in on Trump’s presidency,” said Josh Marcus-Blank, the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s spokesman. “Corey works for his clients, including predatory lenders and foreign interests, not New Hampshire, and he will continue doing that even while he campaigns for Senate.”

Lewandowski is in, IMO, running. He’s just waiting until October 1 when the new fundraising quarter begins. That’s not inside dope; it just makes sense. And if he had any doubts, Democrats attacking him will only add motivation to join the Republican Primary to challenge Jeanne Shaheen.

I have to admit the DC insider tack is a bit strange. It will invite similar comparisons concerning Shaheen, who has spent two terms as a Democrat US Senator. You can’t get much swampier than that.

In contrast, the establishment and ruling class (swampy) hatred of Trump stems from their inability to motivate him. He doesn’t need their love, money, or power. And while he is a deal maker, it’s not the sort that feeds the swamp and makes it grow – just the opposite. He wants to drain their swamp.

Lewandowski was Trump’s first campaign manager. A cornerstone of a light-fast team that drove that message for months.  For Democrats to suggest that his other political affiliations negate all that seems risky. Or that his connection to the guy who is still trying to drain that swamp will not influence his thinking. And there’s the rub. 

Democrats are projecting their swampiness on Lewandowski because he not only poses an electoral threat to a seat the left can’t afford to lose; he is a guaranteed voice for Trump’s anti-swamp agenda even if Trump doesn’t win re-election. Someone who like Mr. Trump does not appear willing to bend the knee to ruling class pressure regardless of from which party it comes.

All we need now is for Mitt Romney to disapprove and the progressive pentagram of fear the DC establishment is drawing will be complete.

They think it helps them I think it helps Corey.

What do you think?

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