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Corey Lewandowski knows that the MSM polls are worse than whale snot

Corey Lewandowski

“I have no obligation to be honest with the media because they are as dishonest as anybody else” –

Congress as well.  And, of course, the MSM has had a YUGE self-righteous utterly shocked look on their face after Corey said that during his testimony to Congress this week.

Have they NOT been looking at their subscription rates, viewership, stock prices, and polling stats and think that anyone outside the “Ruling Class” care about their outrage?

I watched his testimony at Fat Jerry Nadler’s Congressional Committee. There’s a reason why most people can’t seem to decide which is worse, Congress or the media, and Corey took full advantage of both.  The disdain with which the Democrat CongressTwits treated him from the get-go and when they got up on their haunches when he answered in kind?

Perfect application of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (Rule #4) by Corey.

I’ll remind you that the Left HATES when the rules built for them are turned against them (in this time of the PC culture wars, would this be called “political” appropriation?).

It was clear that the Dems on that Committee didn’t know what was happening to them and had no idea how to gain the upper hand they THOUGHT was theirs from the outset.

And I’ll add that Fat Jerry proved, once again, that he is a few chicken nuggets short of a happy meal.

I think that the time for ANY “considerations” by Conservatives is past. Congress members are to represent the people. And so, when they act as our new aristocracy and just WISH they had pinky rings to be kissed (dunno whether they believe themselves to either be Godfathers or Popes – your choice) they deserve everything that comes to them.

Corey showed them what a savvy street fighter thinks about their overblown egos and took advantage of that chink in their armor. (Oh, you PC Police out there, don’t bother….don’t care that you want to twist that old-time phrase.)

But given what the ‘Gray Lady’ (the New York Times, for just ONE example) did this week with their salacious story in trying to double down with yet another teenager sexual oppression story against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (that has blown up in their collective faces and had a half-life less than a blown-up balloon in the Grandson’s hands), WHY should we give them any note at all?  Sure, we at GraniteGrok read them – ofttimes they provide more fodder for us here.  Like this screed against Corey:

When isn’t Corey lying? The man is under no obligation

Here, apparently, is the moral baseline for one of the individuals who may seek to challenge U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen next year. He believes it is okay to lie to the media because “they’re just as dishonest as anybody else.”

‘Tis true, as I, your humble scribler, was often misquoted by the MSM when the ‘Grok.  Thus, I will no longer allow myself to be interviewed unless it is being recorded.  What I found out is that while decent reporters go “sure, go ahead”, most have refused – take that anyway you want.  The moral is that while the MSM believes they are to hold others accountable, they are to be held to no standard at all. They HATE it when someone does it back in their faces.And in this political climate, I will add, there is a reason why the MSM has the nickname of “Democrats with bylines”.

Why be honest with the MSM while it IS their egos that tell us they aren’t honest with us?   But this UL editorial continues:

Corey Lewandowski didn’t say “lie.” Caught in one last week, he told a House lawyer that he has “no obligation to be honest to the media.” So he is not obliged to be honest when he is on CNN as a paid commentator. Or when he is babbling for free on Fox News. Or when he pops up on local radio or WMUR or, yikes, in this newspaper.

But that doesn’t mean that Lewandowski is or will always be dishonest with the media. No sir. And if he does run for the Senate, we expect a grain of truth to slip out now and again.

The trouble will be in trying to figure out when that is. Perhaps he will give a warning signal.

The nuance here is that Corey, even if saying what most people believe is true anyways, is a liar, will be liar, and will always be a liar.  Is the UL setting up their own battlespace for the Senate Race? So let me observe this:

They didn’t mention the other Rs in the race: O’Brien, Bolduc, or Messner. Not one word.  Are they dismissing them?

Just Shaheen – as “the foil” and setting up the race by default – a year before the Primary?  By implication, is the UL trying to say that Shaheen is more to be trusted, politically, than Lewandowski?  THAT’S gonna be a hard row to hoe with Conservatives here in NH

It’s no secret to Conservatives that the NH media has shifted leftwards – most notable what used to be very conservative Union Leader under the Loebs.  Unfortunately, under the McQuade era, the UL has fallen far from its very Conservative roots just as O’Sullivan’s Law predicts:

that any group that is not explicitly right-wing will become left-wing over time

And there you go – and it did. Look, they are as able to have an opinion as we do but there is a difference and I ould be absolutely all wet on this.  But we ALWAYS tell you what our cultural and political biases are and you KNOW where we stand on any topic and issue.  The MSM (and the UL included) keep telling us they are “objective” but their biases are on display over and over again.  Again, see above to falling subscription rates et al. Do they REALLY believe they are fooling the rest of us?

Back to Corey; I think his real truth in his statement was his declaration is that the MSM isn’t to be trusted.  A LOT of Conservative believe this and have for a very long time.  The MSM claim that Trump has demonized the Press; they again miss the point.  Their downward spiral started way before he came down that golden escalator – but Trump did put them on a different level and placed a magnifying glass on their actions for all to more clearly see.  Corey merely reminded people of this and with, I believe, the proper level of disdain.

Most of us should (er, the ‘Grok has been doing so for quite some time) follow that same mold. NO ONE gets a pass simply because of their industry, their education, or their job titles.  The MSM and politicals believe themselves to be our Elites, Betters, and Rulers and how DARE we stand up to them the way Corey did.  That JUST ISN’T DONE and he should be properly punished – which the UL just, lukewarmly, tried to do in their mindset.

Rather, it is WE that should be holding them more and more accountable. Disdain and snark are our tools – go use them.

IF Corey gets into the US Senate race here in NH (and getting 15,000 emails almost immediately at the Super PAC site shows some enthusiasm but I do wonder how many were here in NH?), it will be interesting to see if this continues…