Cognitive Dissonance or just outright political lying? - Granite Grok

Cognitive Dissonance or just outright political lying?

Illegal immigrants vs Law abiding gun owners

So which is it: those people that shouldn’t be here in the first place (but the Democrats are moving to enable them to vote)?  Or a Constitutional legal ownership of firearms to protect against a tyrannical government?  Which of these two values mean more to Democrats?

And which means more to you (must I really ask)?

The real question, however, is how the first even became “a thing”?  How did we let our educational system disintegrate so fast so as to debilitate one of our Pillars of Liberal Western Democracy such that Rule of Law became of no account?  And that which used to be an accepted value no longer is?

How have we let our entire value system flip upside down and inside out?

And those of us who know the difference and are pointing out what is and has happened, why are we the “haters”.

(H/T: Powerline)