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Note to Hollywood and the Music Industry – Sharia Law Sees all Art as a Sin

Music and dancing not allowed in Islam

Are all things equal? Do you like music? Is all music equal? Do you find pleasure and joy there? Should we be free to listen to and to make music without fear or intimidation? What about liberties?

Because those freedoms are not available everywhere. Is equality an important concept to you?

Why is beauty forbidden?

Beauty is haram, it is forbidden, in Islam. It violates Sharia law. Why? Here’s what Muhammad said about music and art. Muhammad, “Listening to music and singing is sinful. Setting at such gatherings is an immoral transgression. Deriving pleasure from it is Kufr.” Kufr is the thought process of the Kafir, the non-Muslim, which is the worst thing you can do.

Muhammad, “ From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcohol and the use of musical instruments as lawful.” In other words the musical instrument is unlawful. Muhammad, “Bells are the musical instruments of Satan.”

Muhammad about art, “There was once a curtain with pictures of animals on it in Aisha’s house. When Muhammad saw this his face became flush with anger. He tore it to bits and said people who paint such terrible pictures shall receive hell’s most terrible punishment on judgment day.”

Gaining understanding before granting acceptance

Understanding this is what Muhammad thought of art, perhaps now you can understand why you have never heard a great Islamic Symphony. This is why you have never seen great Islamic sculpture. Have you ever seen great Islamic painting? This is why you have never seen a great Islamic drama or singing. You see, a serious civilization is very different from ours.

Those who are politically correct, Leftists, will assert that all civilizations are equal. That is not correct. Think of it this way. Are all pets equal? Obviously they are not. Would you keep a rattlesnake as a pet?

Would you let it out on your floor so you could play with it and pet it? You probably would do that with a kitten or a puppy. Why, because they are cute, cuddly and they won’t hurt you. All pets are not equal and all civilizations are not equal.

The Golden Rule need not apply

Our civilization is based on unitary ethics and rational creative thought. Unitary ethics means we treat all people as we would have them treat us. A sharia civilization is based on the Quran and the Sunna of Muhammad. An Islamic civilization is a Sharia civilization.

A Sharia civilization believes in ethical dualism. That means under Sharia there is one set of rules for the treatment of Muslims and a different set of rules for the treatment of non-Muslims. A Sharia civilization must be civilization dominant. It dictates what creativity it will allow. What do you think? Are all things equal?