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Antonio Brown, Victim-hood, Safe Spaces, Snowflakes, and Why Culture Matters

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Even if you ignore the NFL, you’ve probably heard. Former Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown (AB), briefly with the Raiders, has a new job with the Patriots. Brown’s fatal flaw? Antonio Brown. Which begs the question will he be a campus hooligan or get in line?

Brown has a problem with his mouth. He can’t shut up.  And while he is crazy-talented, since too early on folks let the talent excuse the bulls**t. The result is a problem child with NFL super-powers.

That crap won’t float in Foxboro. So, while I’m curious to see if they can get AB under the Patriot’s cone of silence, and how long they can keep him there, I’m more interested in the cultures that tolerate personalities.

There are plenty of insanely talented people who are not obsessed with their own voice and image. The rest can become slaves to ego and any attention that feeds it. AB seems like one of the latter. So, as it turns out, are entire generations of manufactured victims of Marxist social engineering growing up in the internet age. The Campus culture reeks of this.

Everything wrong is someone else’s fault. 

The solution? Demand special treatment to feed your low self-esteem. It’s endemic among the why can’t I get some attention generation.

Having millions of followers doesn’t make you a better person. Everyone likes to watch someone else’s train wreck. See also, the Kardashians. So, yes, there is money in trainwrecks but for a select few.

Failing fame and attention, negative or otherwise, always fleeting without a foundation, is the misery and loneliness of not having what you crave but may not deserve. What have you done, exactly?

Invent a fantasy in which you are oppressed? Some left-wing Santa may label you as a victim and stand on you for political leverage. Not lift you up but use you. Unless you think the wrong thoughts, then you can stay an outcast.

That’s how it works.  No misfits allowed who aren’t marching to the left-wing tune. That’s their culture. College Campuses are bursting with that.

What can Brown do for You?

Antonio Brown is special for football. The Pats can get to the Superbowl with him. It’s almost a lock. But if he goes off the rails, the Patriots will bench him or dump him and eat the guaranteed millions because the goal is more important than wrecking the team. 

He can make getting there easier, but they can get there without him, often though him. And without the extra baggage if he’s not prepared to put football and the team ahead of Antonio Brown. That’s their culture. Brady the GOAT takes less pay so he can have better weapons around him.

The real victory for the rest of us

Out in the real world, free speech, free thought, self-responsibility, hard work, and earning a lifestyle are gifts, only liberty and freedom can provide. In America, anyone can still be just about anything, including the opposite sex.  But you have to understand the culture that makes that possible.

If being whatever it is can’t produce or provide and all you want to do is complain, and cry on the internet about discrimination and injustice, the market for that is crowded and many if not most will fail to get an audience.

Just look at the list of Democrats running for President. When was the last time they opened their mouths and didn’t complain? Didn’t prop up the Antonio Brown’s at the expense of everyone else in the game?

Democrats are like AB on a bad day. Burn it all down; I’ll be fine.

That’s their plan, and it’s how they think.

We wish the Patriots luck and pray for the country. But we don’t rely on prayer. We put in the work.