57% Of Americans Against Impeaching Trump - Presidential Approval at 51% - Granite Grok

57% Of Americans Against Impeaching Trump – Presidential Approval at 51%


Even before the White House released a transcript of the call to Volodymyr Zelensky, 57% of Americans opposed impeaching the President with only 37 approving. 

Add to that new polling from Rasmussen showing job approval at 51% and you have to wonder what the Democrats are thinking.

The transcript is innocuous only where it does not completely contradict the media’s whistle-blower narrative and the Democrats hyperbolic over-reaction. 

The entire thing looks like a set up to make the left appear as the unhinged obsessed stalkers they’ve become.

As I noted earlier today,

Not sure how that might be an impeachable offense and I suspect most American’s won’t see it either. They may even see Democrats objections as trying to obstruct that investigation (into Biden interfering in their investigation)

One other point worth adding. These polling numbers are despite or in spite of almost all the media coverage of Trump for three years being negative.

And unlike any Republican President in my lifetime, he not only shows no sign of caving to the left’s pressure tactics, but he also continues to use their behavior against them, as in this very episode.

And what does Trump do after they announce their beginning impeachment proceedings? He doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide, he shares their unhinged obsession and exposes it as their weakness.