Trump Rally - the MicroInterviews Parts 1 & 2 - Granite Grok

Trump Rally – the MicroInterviews Parts 1 & 2

I haven’t been writing a lot lately; again, due to other ‘Grok things going on. Like the Trump Rally, a couple of other meetings, doing another GrokGauntlet, doing some more in depth work with our gear, and getting a few new projects ready for GraniteGrok as well.

Including moving our video processing from the free Movie Maker that is on most PCs to Adobe’s Premier Pro.  I’ve always said that I’m just a blogger that uses video to help tell a story rather than being a videographer, but with the still relatively new gear and the capabilities it gives us, we needed more horsepower. So thanks to both New England Events and the Fort Constitution Arms Collectors

Sidenote: Both of whom have gun shows coming up; the latter’s is tomorrow and the former’s is coming up Sept 7&8; both in Concord so click on the ads up in the banner and to your right!)

and their support, I’m trying to learn enough of Premier Pro to get simple things done.  As I told the Groksters, it’s like moving from paper/pencil & spreadsheets to a full blown ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system like Epicor or SAP to run your business.  It does a LOT more but also has a lot of things to configure to make it work that I didn’t know I had to know about.  Which, it turns out, eats up lots of time trying to learn the stuff that I don’t know about.

But I have.  So like most events, I like to do “micro-interviews” – short and to the point in asking a number of folks the same questions and generally getting different answers than what I would have imagined. The first is with Steve Stefanik – one of our Loyal Readers that I bumped into first when arriving in Manchester for the Trump Rally:

I also talked with several people that I DIDN’T know; one of them is below:

I have more to put up in a little while!