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Trump Online Store Selling Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’ Shirts A Day After Tweet about Rant

Trump Store Fredo T-Shirts Cuomo

Left-wing CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was in public with his kids when some dope(s) walked up and called him Fredo. First, don’t bug people like that in public. The left lives for that, and it’s rude. But if they lose it, and you catch it on video, Trump sells merchandise.

Some background, and it’s a bit convoluted. After the El Paso and Dayton shootings, President Trump hinted that he’d be down for some gun control. Lots of red flags. And typically, when Trump says something, there’s some version of multidimensional chess at play. He’s very good at it. But we’re talking about the second amendment. So, I wouldn’t fault you for stepping back and saying, what?

After Chris Cuomo’s viral rant (language warning), Trump suggested that Cuomo might need to have his rights reduced (red flag laws) because of the unhinged behavior. The point, I think, was to note the arbitrary dangerous nature of Red Flag laws. I’m not all-in on that theory – still waiting to see what happens next. But I think that’s where this is going. If not, Trump is doomed in 2020.

Cuomo, for his part, demonstrates that he is Fredo by his rant. The nickname is not like the N-word for Italians and his reaction is way over the top. Ben Shapiro dissects that here. It is the moniker of the less talented stupid brother, and the left uses it often, even on Cuomo’s show to zero outrage.

As if to make a few points

It’s so Chris Cuomo that the Trump Campaign is fundraising off him. And, fair enough. The left uses every whisper to build their narratives then sends out emails asking for a few bucks. It works.

So, why not make it work for Republicans.

The Trump store had Fredo T-Shirts with Cuomo’s face on them for sale almost overnight. He is raising money from the rant of a CNN talking head. Based on Tweet that suggests Red Flag laws might not be so great after all. Two birds with one red flag.

It is the sort of guerilla politics once owned by the left. Some people won’t like it. They’ll say it’s unpresidential. Divisive. But having waded through the politics of the left for over a decade now, I can tell you, they’ve been doing that to us all along. 

It’s a ploy to ensure their dominance in that sphere, which is a means toward dominance in all spheres. 

At some point if you don’t push back you get pushed over, then run over. Such is the appeal of Mr. Trump. He pushes back, pushes first. Instead of waiting for and responding to the Left’s narrative he starts one of his own then builds on that. 

And don’t worry about offending Democrats. Your very existence offends. Might as well have some fun, or make some money, before they try and take it from you.

Here’s some more Fredo from The Five with Mark Steyn.

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