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Stock Market Down 600 Points … DemocRATS to Blame …

So the Dow Jones dropped over 600 points on Friday after Fascist China announced it would increase tariffs on $75 billion of United States goods, and President Trump said he would respond in kind.

The press, including Fox, have been calling the trade issues between Fascist China and the United State’s “Trump’s trade-war.”

But Fascist China is not stealing Trump’s intellectual property. Fascist China is stealing the intellectual property of American businesses and individuals. Fascist China is not devaluing its currency against the Trump dollar … there is no such thing as the Trump dollar … Fascist China is devaluing its currency against the American dollar in order to allow its producers to undercut American producers. And Fascist China is not imposing tariffs on Trump products. Fascist China is imposing tariffs on goods traded by American businesses and individuals.

Fascist China has been waging economic warfare against the United States for decades. The difference is that for the first time we have an American President who is willing to fight back. Oh, and the massive military build-up the Fascist Chinese have been pursuing … it predated Trump and is aimed at America … not at Trump. And that fentanyl the Fascist Chinese are sending us … it’s intended to poison and kill Americans generally … not Trump and his immediate family.

Fascist China … needless to say … would love a DemocRAT to defeat Trump in 2020 … so it would be back to business as usual. China steals our intellectual property, manipulates its currency, tariffs the hell out of our products … and the DemocRATS tell us that the real threat is Climate Change … and the GOP Establishment get down on their knees and thank the Gods-of-Free-Trade for China ripping us off … while the big donors of both Parties rake in the benefits of cheap foreign labor.

The DemocRATS running for POUTS … aided and abetted by the “mainstream” press … have been telling the Fascist Chinese to hold out, don’t make a deal with Trump, help is on the way, the Ancien-Regime will be back in power on January, 2021.

From CNN:

President Donald Trump is on a “fool’s errand” with his ongoing trade war with China, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the South Bend, Indiana, mayor on “State of the Union” in an exclusive interview why he thinks China would strike a trade deal with him if, as president, he were to ease Trump’s pressure and end the President’s tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. The US, Buttigieg said, has “a lot of different forms of leverage in the relationship.” “But it’s also a fool’s errand to think you will be able to get China to change the fundamentals of their economic model by poking them in the eye with some tariffs,” he said.

From CNBC:

“President Trump may think he’s being tough on China. All that he’s delivered as a consequence of that is American farmers, manufacturers and consumers losing and paying more,” Biden said during a speech outlining his foreign policy plans at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. “His economic decision-making is so shortsighted and as shortsighted as the rest of his foreign policy.”

The DemocRATS are emboldening the Fascist China not just because “Orange-Man-Bad” no matter what he does, but because they would love to “trade war” the United States into a recession and thereby increase their chances of defeating Trump in 2020.

Trump, on the other hand, is putting America first … even though it is not in is political self-interest … and could cost him reelection in 2020. He could easily cut a smoke-and-mirrors deal with the Fascist Chinese that does nothing to stop the theft of American intellectual property, the currency manipulation, the tariffs against American goods … and declare victory and take credit for the Stock Market surging a couple of thousand points on a sugar high.

He’s not. He is showing amazing political courage and selflessness by standing up to the Fascist Chinese.