Gov. Sununu Keeps his Word - Vetoes Three Gun-Grabber Bills. Democrats Will Lose Their Minds! - Granite Grok

Gov. Sununu Keeps his Word – Vetoes Three Gun-Grabber Bills. Democrats Will Lose Their Minds!


Three Democrat-sponsored gun-grabbing bills in New Hampshire are toast. So, no. Granite Staters’ Constitutional Rights are not going”to be infringed.”

HB109 (universal background checks for any kind of “transfer” of a firearm from one to another, even at a gun range), HB514 ( three day waiting period from purchase to delivery), and HB564 (making schools even worse gun-free zones than they are now).

Red pens galore! Even with WMUR’s “in-kind contributions” of overly unequal coverage of the issue, common sense has prevailed. Let the meltdowns begin!

Sidenote – really, WMUR, you made someone that was found guilty of ASSAULT to be your lead talker on “gun VIOLENCE” – NH State Rep Katherine Rogers? What idiot made that decision on your leading news package?  Or are we to assume that WMUR is just fine with her smacking a senior citizen lady?

New Hampshire Democrats are going to go BANANAS. They thought they weren’t wasting a crisis that could put shackles onto law-abiding gun owners. By waving and stomping on the bloody clothes of the victims of El Paso and Dayton.  They’ve been thinking that their timing was impeccable, holding out these anti-gun bills until they got the crisis they’ve been praying for.

After the faux outrage in which NH Democrat politicians and civilian disarmament activists, like self-righteous Zandra-Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, believed that they’d finally won the day, their screams of insanity could be heard here in the Lakes Region.  Wailing and gnashing of teeth haven’t been on display this way since Sodom and Gomorrah were turned to ash as Gov. Sununu has ignored their screeches and yammering.

Thanks need to be sent to him.  He promised to veto any and all bills that had any hint of diminishing our Article 2-A (NH Constitution) Rights at the beginning of this session and even with all this Left-wing / Democrat / Socialist pressure brought to bear,  he’s delivered the right response.

Let him know his action is appreciated. One of our mottoes  is “Thank’em when they’re right, spank’em when they’re wrong”. We’ve done just that as he’s had some clunkers that should have been vetoed (like some of the social issues and especially this absolutely Unconstitutional one) but if you believe that owning and bearing arms is an absolute proxy for Freedom, send a nice word his way.

Or send him some more ammo – he’s gonna need it.

(Note to the stupid ones like NH State Rep. Deb Stevens, NH State Rep Katherine Rogers, NH State Rep Debra Altschiller – political ammo.  But feel free to get all wound up in the comments.)