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Sleepy Joe Biden Steps in it While Rashida Tlaib Trades Time with Grandma for a Protest

The Trump Israel Tlaib Twitter business has (sort of) concluded. Trump suggested Israel prevent anti-Semites Omar and Tlaib from entering the country. Israel decided to block them. But don’t worry, here comes Joe Biden.

First, I like his logo. If he decides to go Trans, he doesn’t need to change it. Second, while he was vice-president his boss, Barack-o-Bama, denied entry of a visitor from Israel to the US over the content of their ideas.

Michael Ben Ari’s denial of entry would fall into the same category as Tlaib’s since both were denied due to their political statements. Yet Biden only voiced objection to one and that happened in the course of his Democrat primary campaign.

I’m going to agree with Obama on this. He made the right call. Ben Ari, “follows Kahanism ideology, which means he believes that Arabs shouldn’t be living in Israel and shouldn’t have voting rights in Israel.” He is welcome to his views, but fundamental human rights tell us that Arab citizen in Israel deserves the same rights as any other citizen of Israel.

I also agree with Israel’s initial decision to block the entry of Omar and Tlaib. They are anti-Israel, pro-BDS, with ties to Israel-Hating groups that are linked to terrorism funding in the region. They chose not to travel with a Democrat delegation. Their itinerary included meeting high-profile Palestinians and promoting BDS.

Fomenting hate on Israel.

We know this is true because Tlaib later requested permission to enter to see her grandmother on a humanitarian waiver. She noted, in writing, that she would follow all restrictions and would not promote the BDS movement while in Israel.

And Isreal has a law against allowing such entry.

“As a free and vibrant democracy,” he said, “Israel is open to critics and criticism, with one exception: Israeli law prohibits the entry into Israel of those who call for, and work to impose, boycotts on Israel, as do other democracies that prevent the entry of people believed to be damaging to the country.”

In the end, the 90-year old had to do without a visit from Rashida. Israel granted Tlaib her waiver, but the Congresswoman decided that the moment had more value as a protest than a visit to an aging ancestor. And since that was the only reason for going, she stayed here.


Joe, remember him? He probably never had a thing to do with the decision to block Ben Ari and may not have even been looped in for obvious reasons. He’s Joe Biden. His only purpose was to attach an over-seasoned recognizable DC insider to the new guy. A man who before getting his number called by Lightbringer had never managed to excite more than 4% of the Left-Wing Primary base in his own Presidential forays.

Now he’s the bee’s broken knees. The apple of the left’s rotten eye. The curdled cream in their coffee. Because why? He’s the over-seasoned recognizable DC insider. And he’s Joe Biden.

Hi, I’m Joe. Joe Biden. Derrrrp! His latest Primary election strategy is to reduce appearances, thereby lowering the odds he’ll say or do something stupid. And maybe give him time for more naps.

Joe, it appears, is his own worst enemy.

And he’s the Democrat’s front-runner.

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