People send us stuff. Like about new taxes. Like this one: - Granite Grok

People send us stuff. Like about new taxes. Like this one:

A two-fer – a text sent to both Steve and I yesterday:

Perhaps a News worthy article Tip for the two of you although I don’t think you need any tips at all

Well, she’s right in that there’s no dearth of material available out there for us to make sport of.  Rather, it’s more about keeping from getting “writer’s paralysis” because there’s too MANY targets out there to pick from:  Oh, how about this…no! over there instead….but look at THAT one…wait, what’s on that next site’s pages….oh dang – just not enough time in the day!!!  But I digress already….look: another Shiny Object!

But my husband who works in Massachusetts just got a reminder email today.  Beginning  October 1, there’s a new tax that will be deducted from his paychecks.  We get to pay the Family Leave Act which passed in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah!!!!

Somehow I don’t believe that last line could be classified as “joyous” in, once again, having their standard of living sliced downward yet again.

Of COURSE it passed – those politicians believe you don’t have the mental capacity of an tardigrade in planning for yourself or family. Or envision that emergencies can happen sometime in the future that Be Bad Things and you need to prep for them.

So without their careful and exacting ministrations of your money (i.e., rather, their careful and exacting extraction of said money), how could you EVAH be prepared for either your failures or Society’s Nature’s Dumb Luck’s oppression (yes, that word chosen carefully because if there are bad outcomes in your life, “they are never your fault – so somebody hates you and your family so we have to save you from them”. Even if it is imaginary like the monsters under my 3 year Grandson’s bed).  They truly think you have the reasoning capability of a mere idiot child – you have to be taken care of.

Even if the only difference between you and them is they are elected officials by dint of getting just one more vote than the other guy. And that you’re not in jail (which seems to happen, a lot, to MA politicians – especially the Speakers of the MA House; one after the other after the other).  Big Government, lots of dark corners, big graft.  Hey, it’s the MA way, right?

And you’re paying for yet another Ponzi scheme.  But it’s legal because somebody signed off on a piece of Legislative paper. In the private sector and you did this, you’d end up visiting those former MA Speakers (who often get to keep their lavish pensions so they still come out ahead.  You, on the other hand?) in the Iron Bar Hotel.

So y’all just be your otherwise happy selves as you toil to fill their Public Coffers with your money because OTHER STUFF they need it for.

Yep, just another way of saying “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you – like it or not”.

“That’ll be $20.  Thank you”

“See you next week”.

It’s almost like the Godfather as the “Representative” that visits all the shops and saying “nice family ya got dere…shame if someting was ta happen. This week’s ‘contribution’ please”.

‘Contribution’ – that’s what Greedy politicians say.  That’s what greedy Socialists say.  That’s what greedy Democrats demand. They know better – they’re just betting you don’t.  And unless you vote them out, they’re right and you’re stupid for letting them do it.  Well, thanks Massachusetts for giving NH yet another Object Lesson, eh?

But we all know that a “government contribution” isn’t voluntary. Never is. Go ahead, try NOT to pay it.

What’s the over/under that Guido shows up soon after?  It’s what happens.  Democrats like it that way.

Don’t worry – NH Democrats will try to ram this through the Legislature again.  Like cod liver oil, it’s GOOD for you. Because you’re stupid (or so they think).

Don’t be stupid, NH