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Pakistan Likens Inaction in Kashmir to Appeasing Hitler

The Pakistani Prime Minister’s (PM) remarks come as tensions rise over India’s removal of special status in Kashmir. Imran Khan described India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status as ethnic cleansing. He called it an attempt to change demographics. He went a step further with his inflammatory rhetoric likening the Indian government to Nazis.

Nazi’s, really?

The PM is warning global inaction over Kashmir is the same as appeasing Hitler. It sounds a bit like an Islamic call to war against India. The comments Khan made ignore the fact that it is he who is calling out like Hitler did citing ethnic German population in the Sudeten Land. It is he who is demanding appeasement.

His comments came in response to actions taken by authorities in Indian Kashmir. India has reimposed curfew rules in parts of its territory. It had allowed easing of restrictions in Srinagar. Srinagar is the region’s main city. The easing of restrictions allowed people to visit and attend Friday prayers.

Loosening and Re-imposition of Restrictions

TV news showed jeeps with loudspeakers moving in the region Sunday afternoon. They were telling people to return to their homes and shopkeepers to close markets. Landlines, mobile phones and the internet all remain blocked. This is keeping residents from communicating.

It was not clear if people would be allowed to leave their homes for the Eid-al-Adha festival. The festival is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Kashmir and it was scheduled for today. The state has been in lockdown for a week. Last Monday the Indian government announced it would revoke its autonomy and rules preventing outsiders from buying land in the territory.

Cognitive Dissonance

The Pakistani PM fears the move will alter India’s only Muslim-majority state. Sunday, despite heavy security, hundreds of people protested in Srinagar. The chants: “What do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? Now!” The illogic of Muslims chanting about freedom clearly shows both Pakistani agitation and that the demonstrations are window dressing for western consumption. The question is: Why is the PM of Pakistan interfering in activity within another sovereign nation.

The communication blocks and curfew in Kashmir prevented people from leaving their homes. They were in place for almost five days last week. They were intended to stop unrest. Little information as to what is happening in Kashmir is currently available.

Restrictions on movement were lifted for the first time on Friday. This was to allow people to attend local mosques for prayers. Afterwards, police reportedly opened fire and used tear gas to break up demonstrations. An Indian home affairs ministry official denied the reports. They said there had been only a few protests of no more than 20 people. The BBC released a video showing a large crowd marching through the streets and police opening fire and using teargas.

Picking Teams

Khan has vowed to lobby heads of states and take his complaints to the UN. Sunday he telephoned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The Rouhani quote says that Muslims of Kashmir must be able to use their legal rights and interests to be able to live in peace. Pakistan is ostensibly an American ally.

Delhi’s decision to scrap Kashmir’s special status faces resistance in the territory. It has also escalated tensions with Pakistan and been condemned by China. Pakistan said with China’s support it would take India’s actions up at the UN Security Council. It may approach the UN human rights commission. The cause is what it has described as the “genocide” of the Kashmiri people.

The Chinese are putting the Uighurs, Chinese Muslims, in re-education camps by the million. So this is an interesting development in their foreign policy. Pakistan last week expelled the Indian high commissioner and halted trade. The country’s army chief warned his forces would take any action to stand by Kashmiris. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, insists the removal of Kashmir’s special status would bring investment and rid the state of terrorism.


The saga continues in Kashmir. It will not end until the Muslims are driven out or they have conquered the area. That is what Islam demands of its adherents. This is a religious war. It has nothing to do with national boundaries. It is interesting to watch. The Indians buy their weapons from Russia and we arm Pakistan. Why does that make sense? Clearly China is simply an opportunist in this area.