Mueller Forced to Admit: No Proof Russian Internet Trolls Worked for the Kremlin - Granite Grok

Mueller Forced to Admit: No Proof Russian Internet Trolls Worked for the Kremlin


Mueller has tripped over another lie. Those infamous Russian Internet trolls. He used them to make a case for State interference in the 2016 Election. Mueller indicted them. They asked for their day in court. A judge forced Mueller to clarify the details of the case. 

Despite inferring it repeatedly there is no proof any Russian trolling farm was working for the Kremlin.


In the hastily arranged 9-minute press conference, Mueller announced that he was ending his investigation — which was not news — and concluded it without taking any questions. He made a point, however, to stress that the Russians he had indicted were “private” entities and “presumed innocent.”

Mueller’s been in no rush to chase that case because he can’t prove a thing.

The judge explained that Mueller’s report improperly referred to the defendants’ “social media operations” as one of “two principal interference operations in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections” carried out by the Russian government. She also pointed out that he also referred to their Internet trolling as “active measures” — a term of art that typically includes operations conducted by Russian intelligence to influence international affairs. She said this was a departure from the government’s original February 2018 indictment, which “does not link the defendants to the Russian government” and “alleges only private conduct by private actors.”

So, he indicts them as private citizens then proceed to infer for years that they were Kremlin assets. Why? To keep the poo-throwing press-monkeys happy. “That was the entire purpose of the investigation.”

Bobby Mueller could have come out and said, as early as mid-2017, we got nothing. He knew he was never going to find evidence of collusion or obstruction. Trump knew too. They had access to the same “evidence.” But Mueller’s job was to make noise by feeding hay to the Media Horses. For as long as he could. So, they’d have some anti-Trump narratives on which to run. So, Democrats would have anti-Trump narratives on which to run.

And they ran.

CNN ran itself into a rating ditch. MSNBC is not far behind. And the Alphabets have all taken a beating for their relentless mischaracterization of everything about this case, thanks to Bob M feeding them the defined narrative on Trump Russian collusion. Which he can’t prove because it never existed. 

Did two Russian Internet companies troll the 2016 election? Yes. Is that illegal, maybe, but probably not. And since there was never any evidence of Kremlin involvement but carefully worded supposition by Trump haters in the DoJ and the media, any case might be over before it starts. 

That’s why the Democrats are working the impeachment narrative. They have no actionable evidence, but they have the votes to charge him. The Senate won’t convict but that just plays into their narrative.

 And make no mistake. This is how the left will rule if you let them. Guilty until proven innocent and even that’s not good enough.

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