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Morality is a Function of Religion Not Government


Planned Parenthood (PP) recently made a withdrawal from the Title X family planning program announcement. The decision comes as a result of a regulatory change. The regulatory change requires separation of the abortion business from other health care service businesses in order to retain federal funding.

The benefit

Choosing abortion over taxpayer funding pretty much proves PP is not a women’s health organization. This choice by PP supports what its critics have been saying for years; it is a giant abortion business. The decision also appears to be a victory for American taxpayers. Well, at least those who don’t want their money being used to fund the abortion industry.

This does not mean all pro-life work is complete. There is still much work to be done. Without a law change from Congress, a future president can reverse this regulatory change. If that were to happen it would allow Planned Parenthood to come back to Title X. That would enable it to begin receiving taxpayer money again. So this is at best a welcome stop gap measure.

The Title X program represents a small fraction of PP’s taxpayer funding. The group continues to receive other funds because Congress has failed to defund the group legislatively. Many Republicans will try to use this Title X victory to pretend that the problem has been solved. That just isn’t so. The GOP needs to actually fight for taxpayers. We need to get the government to completely defund Planned Parenthood.

Political use of government funding is wrong

Everyone knows now that PP is using taxpayers. It uses taxpayer money to fund its abortion business. PP spends a lot of taxpayer money on political donations. Bottom line it doesn’t care about women’s health. It should not receive any taxpayer money.


It is time for PP to get off the dole and stand on its own two feet. If you believe in pro-choice fine; pay for the choice in the marketplace. Stop forcing it onto the rest of us, through governmental action, to support your choices and actions. Morality is a function of religion. It is not a function of government… unless you are controlled by a theocracy, Allah be praised.