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Media’s Blatant Obsession With Recession Tells a Truer Tale – We’re Not Having One

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The first clue that we’re probably in excellent economic shape is this: the lying media is all in on insisting we’re headed for a recession. It has replaced racism (at least for a moment) as the thing that will finally take down Trump.

That means it’s probably not true.

Much like every other Trump-ending scandal that was a lie, a nothingburger or a coverup for Democrat malfeasance. If the media is obsessed its probably rubbish.

This time around (this week?) they are committed to creating a perception of recession. It’s all they can talk about. And that could work. If people believe it long enough, they can make the markets move that way.

If we all refuse to believe their lie, well, not so much. And we should not. It’s not true.

The CEO of Bank of America put it the best, Brian Moynihan said: The only ‘fear of recession’ we have is, ‘fear of recession.’ In other words, the only thing can happen in this country right now that can derail this economic juggernaut, is if everyone believes it’s going to be derailed. I hate to say it, but to the degree, the media almost did that in December. I think some people do it deliberately. Listen, there is no economic data out there that suggests we are on the cusp of a recession.

(Emphasis in the original)

 The two and ten year yield inverted for 24 hours. The spread since then has gotten wider. It has to be longer than 24 hours. In the meantime, guess what we saw last week. We saw retail sales soar. Absolutely soar significantly better than anyone participated. We saw an earnings report from Walmart that was absolutely remarkable. Here’s why Walmart is a great proxy. Not because they did almost $131 billion in sales in three months but because every American goes there. You know one-third of the shoppers have households of $100,000 income. People used to think, Walmart lower end. No. That’s Americana.

The Media wants a recession. They would ruin the lives of millions of families if it ended Trump’s tenure in the oval office. 

What is interesting is the people most affected are, by all metrics, supposed to be Democrat voters. Those black and Hispanic, and blue-collar workers who have gotten jobs, and seen their pay increase. They’d get hit first, and hardest.

And yet, that is not racism.

But, think about that. If you are one of these folks and still think of yourself as a Democrat this is the story of their entire agenda. You are expendable in their pursuit of power. You always were. We all are, and that’s the only true equality you will ever see from the Left-Wing.


So, don’t believe them. Be a positive economic force. Save, invest, buy when you need to and save when you don’t. And share that good fortune. The media and the Democrats are out to ruin your future. Don’t let them do it.

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