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Media Claim: Blaming the ‘Shooter’ Just Another “Pro-Gun” Talking Point

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When a 23-year-old Ukrainian murdered 7 on a rural road in Randolph, New Hampshire, no one blamed the truck he was driving. They didn’t blame the trailer it was towing. They blamed the driver. When it comes to guns and murder the Left and the media blame the gun.

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The recent murders in El Paso and Dayton triggered that narrative again.

Mr. Trump, having expressed a willingness to discuss the issue in the wake of those acts clarified his position at a recent rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger. It’s the person holding the gun!”

That’s clear.

Much like the driver in Randolph, the person is responsible, and they alone. But that’s not good enough for the left because they are not interested in public safety. They are interested in how they can use people (and the idea of safety) to gain political power. To convince them it is the gun.

This precept, expressed in Leftist run cities across the nation, has reduced neighborhoods into war zones. Shootings are a daily occurrence and death tolls mount. Getting to utopia requires more property crime, violent crime, and murder. 

On Sunday, reporter Mike Viqueira sounded annoyed that Donald Trump would blame the shooters: “At his New Hampshire rally, Thursday, no mention of checks on criminal records, only for mental health history. The President echoing a familiar argument of gun control opponents.”

Mike’s an idiot. The existing background checks address criminal records, as does every carry permit issued. But criminals don’t follow the law. And neither do Democrats.

But laming the gun makes the political class and their media stenographers feel safe. And for them, that is all that really matters.

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