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1,600 Massachusetts Drivers Have Their Licenses Suspended Following Deadly New Hampshire Crash

Randolph NH Crash that killed 7

The tragic deaths of seven people in New Hampshire have dominated the news for weeks. Mowed down by a Ukrainian man in a truck towing a trailer. The investigation has led to a not so startling discovery. Government bureaucracies suck and then people die.

Oops. Sorry about that. We’ll be sure to spend more money looking into it.

The driver of the truck towing the trailer Volodymyr Zhukovskyy has been arrested in six states. He is not a US citizen. He has had multiple vehicle-related infractions. The transportation company he worked for has had multiple violations. Zhukovskyy has been arrested for driving while intoxicated, and possession of illegal drugs while driving. And long story short the Massachusetts department with oversight allowed him to keep driving despite the risk he posed out of sheer indifference to the responsibility to public safety with which they are tasked.

The unprocessed out-of-state violations were discovered in bins at registry headquarters and during a search of the agency’s archives dating to 2011.

A Friday memo from top registry and transportation officials also said there’s no evidence that the registry had a consistent practice of sending out mail or electronic notification of violations or suspension actions taken in Massachusetts to other states in real time.

Connecticut officials twice alerted Massachusetts about a drunken driving arrest against the driver charged in the June 21 crash, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, but Massachusetts failed to act to suspend his license.

Massachusetts is what you become when you allow Democrats to run things for too long. Corrupt, inefficient, expensive, and unaccountable. And then people die. No Bureaucrat will truly suffer for the incompetence. (Yes, the current head of that department resigned but that’s too little too late.) But, no politician will suffer for any lack of agency oversight.

In fact, we should expect them to run for office on it and ensure that the agency will get rewarded with a budget boost. Because they are probably “underfunded” and “understaffed.”

Image: (Miranda Thompson via AP)

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