Manchester Trump Rally: President Trump Speech – Parts 4 & 5 - Granite Grok

Manchester Trump Rally: President Trump Speech – Parts 4 & 5

Trump time at SNHU Screen Grab

And we get to the middle of the Manchester based SNHU Arena address by President Trump. And if you were wondering where in the speech it was, President Trump, as he was acknowledging all of the Republican political dignitaries to his left in the ramp area, near the end of Part 5 is where he mentioned the NH US Senate electoral race and talking about his former campaign manager, Corey Lewindowski:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Loyalty is a big deal to Trump – something that is ordinarily in very short supply in politics and I have noted its absence in Republican issues and races over the years.  I’ve oft wondered why different people “go with” a stance on an issue or a candidate based on how THEY have acted or voted in the past – it hasn’t made a lot of sense (even when I’ve asked, I can’t get a straight answer that makes sense although their body language has said”I hate that you’re even asking me this”). Corey Lewandowski has been nothing but loyal in public to Trump even after being let go from the campaign (with the rumors that his sons and daughters weren’t happy with him).  Sounds like both a rehabilitation process as well as a continued loyalty process in both directions is going on.

I do know that if Corey does announce that he is going to enter the race, it will create chaos in the current US Senate race here in NH with former Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien, General Don Bolduc (ret.) and lawyer Corky Messner.

While I’m on the topic….we’ve already had our GrokGauntlet with Steve Negron (running for US Congress in NH’s CD-2) and will be doing the same with Bill O’Brien this coming week. We’ve reached out to Gen. Bolduc as well as Corky Messner (no website yes as he is still in “Exploratory” status).  Yes, I quickly chatted with Corey at the rally – stay tuned.

Full Disclosure: Just as I have known Bill O’Brien for years, so I have Corey R. Lewandowski from his time as the Executive Director for Americans for Prosperity / NH.

Rumor Mill: Although there may be people that are adamantly insisting that GraniteGrok has already endorsed in this race, we have not. So, to quell any more rumors, GraniteGrok has NOT endorsed ANYONE in the US Senate race at this time (and we may not endorse at all; we give out very few endorsements). It is my policy as the Benevolent Despot of GraniteGrok (heh!) that any Grokster can endorse anyone they want in any race they desire and let people know that by putting up a post on GraniteGrok (and there are a couple that may be doing that soon).  That doesn’t mean that they signal how GraniteGrok will endorse – it only signals their preference.