Manchester Trump Rally: President Trump Speech - Part 1 - Granite Grok

Manchester Trump Rally: President Trump Speech – Part 1

Trump time at SNHU Screen Grab

Sorry this is up late but I’ve had to redo a few video clips due to the copyright issue stemming from the sound company playing copyrighted materials and we got caught in the middle.  Anyways, after HOURS after us first being let into Arena, President Trump finally came in and addressed the crowd to great anticipation and fanfare.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you that because COPYRIGHT.  So, having cut all the music out, here’s Part 1:

And just in case I’ve proved my case, here’s the first edition that was censored.  I will say that it was both amusing and quite the sight when the lights went down and then the floor crowd was bathed in blue light.  All I could think of was the old style rock concerts when people held up lighters – this time, it was smartphones with the screens facing back towards the Media riser.  Kinda cool to see if YouTube relents:

Much more to come!