Interview with SkyNet (British version of Fox News) and Becky Cotterill

Becky Cotterill Sky News 2

UPDATE: Becky relayed they will have left NH by the 28th – have asked for other dates/times

Earlier today, Becky Cotterill from the British news folks at SkyNet (counterpart to Fox news but in their DC-based bureau; no longer part of Fox as they were bought by Comcast) contacted me to do a quick interview. The topic? President Trump is coming to New Hampshire on Thursday.

Sidenote: a number of GraniteGroksters have been Press Credentialed so we’ll be at SNHU Arena to cover both the inside and outside goings-on!

As always, I also recorded it (having stated that I would when she first contacted me) so here it is:

She also asked if others would be available and several Groksters have assented; we’ll keep you updated if that comes to pass.

THAT said, I just sent her an email about our next GrokMeetup and let her know that a number of our smart and opinionated readers would be there.  That’s a bit away from the rally but I’m hoping she’ll take a flyer on coming; she may either be amused or confused?