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He’s Lost CNN Again – Fact Checker Tosses Bernie Under the Health Care Bus


It’s fun to watch the left take sides between lefties. They are all on the left of course. Mostly far left. But still, in the end, there can be only one. And it looks like CNN is not picking Bernie Sanders. Again?

The Collusion News Network probably prefers Liz ‘I have a plan’ Warren.  She’s female, almost not nearly, entirely 100% white. And she’s as far left as Bernie (who is 110% white). And she has got plans within plans.

So, it’s Hillary 2016 all over again for the Bern. ‘Cuz they got fact-checkers checking Bernie’s facts.

Fact checker Daniel Dale said Sanders has falsely claimed multiple times over the last decade that the United States spends “twice as much per capita on health care as any other nation on Earth.” Politifact rated the claim “false” in 2009 and 2015according to CNN.

Dale said the claim is still false in 2019. While he argued the United States spends more than any “health care per capita of any Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development country,” he said they don’t spend twice as much as any other single country.

Was Bernie up to three houses by 2009 or did he buy the third one since then? Doesn’t matter, he’s still lying about US per-capita spending on Health Care.

According to 2018 estimates from the OECD, a primary source of data on health spending for wealthy countries, the US spent $10,586 per person last year. Switzerland ($7,317 per person), Norway ($6,187 per person) and Germany ($5,986 per person) were substantially above half the US level. Sweden ($5,447 per person), Austria ($5,395 per person) and Denmark ($5,299 per person) were very slightly above half.

What’s really gonna Bern Sanders backside, with some area effect damage to the entire clown-car of Democrat candidates, is we can blame recent price hikes on Obamacare. Or, maybe it will just burn Obama. He’s not happy about them beating on his ‘right-wing’ legacy.

But it’s common knowledge. Government meddling drives up costs and prices.

If we’d gone the other way. Opened up the market. Allowed insurers to compete across state lines. Expanded HRA’s. Medical care costs would stabilize and eventually go down. But the Health Care Industrial Complex doesn’t want that. They like their cartel. Fewer players, higher prices. And if the government takes over, they all get paid, and everyone else gets fiscally raped for declining quality and care

A “small price” (that means a huge one) to make us pay for controlling the entire human population of the United States. Costs no one at the corporate or policy level will ever have to pay. Iclnuding Bernie.

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