GrokGauntlet and we want to crowdsource your questions to ask the candidates - Granite Grok

GrokGauntlet and we want to crowdsource your questions to ask the candidates

UPDATED and BUMPED (#3) – updated Statuses below of our invites. Tomorrow night we will have former Speaker of the NH House, Bill O’Brien, being served up on our grill.

IMPORTANT – WE STILL WANT MORE OF YOUR QUESTIONS! After all, the whole purpose of these exercises is for you, our readers, to get answers to questions that Conservatives are anxious about. Sure, we’ve got lots of questions but we don’t have the hubris to believe that we know all the questions to ask (know, answers, well, that might be another thing – heh!)

We’ve now issued invites to the following:

  • Bill O’Brien – US Senate. TOMORROW NIGHT
  • General Bolduc – Unsure of the status. The campaign media advisor seems to be wary (scared?) of us and the questions we’d ask. This has not changed.  I do wonder what the hold up is as it’ll be mostly the same questions we’re asking everyone else.  I tried reaching out yesterday and got “no responsive answers” (as they say in Right To Know requests) thus far. If you’re a Bolduc supporter, give’em a poke, folks! And yes, at least one Grokster has already endorsed him so what’s the reticence?
  • Corky Messmer – Before it was “his campaign, since it is still Exploratory, said it was too early to respond”.  Well, if their campaign bought billboards in Manchester welcoming President Trump to the SNHU Arena, I’m getting a drift as to where their direction is going…but I reached out yesterday to get an update anyways; still waiting.
  • NEW!  We have also reached out to Victoria Sullivan who is running for Manchester Mayor.  While she has no opposition that would force a Republican primary, we’re still interested in answers that we’d be asking.


  • Steve Negron – US Congress. Accepted our challenge for the first week of August.  We ended up with a 2 hour session with a wide ranging set of topics and issues. I made sure to get in questions from y’all, so thank you so much.


We will continue this process as the season progresses. It’s still early but who knows?  Perhaps these early entries will scare off other wannabees?


GrokGauntlet – other media sites call them “editorial board reviews” in which they (and we) will sit down with candidates for different levels of government and ask appropriate questions.  In our case, we’re Conservative bloggers so we’ll have far different questions that we’d ask when compared to MSM journalists.  Thus far, we have:

  • Steve Negron (US Congress CD-2) – slotting in for the first week of August
  • Bill O’Brien (US Senate) – slotting for the second week of August

It is my intention to ask EVERY candidate we can, Republican or Democrat, to meet with us; we’ll see how that goes. With all that said, I turn to you, our readers. A homework assignment, if I may!

For each level of Govt / elected office (e.g., President, US Senate, US House, NH Gov, NH Senate, NH Exec Council, NH House), prep one to three (max) questions due to the differences in the Proper Role of Government for each.  Put them in the comments or email them to me:

C’mon, y’all can do this!