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“FUDDs” Are Just Another Enemy To The Second Amendment

FUDDs “Suck.”

“FUDDs” are a major problem in the current political climate. FUDDs are those who fancy themselves as second amendment supporters, but in reality, they are the veiled nemesis to our rights.

FuddFor those unfamiliar with the term FUDD.  A FUDD is a gun owner who supports limited sporting activities such as Sporting Clays or Hunting, but advocates for Universal Background Checks, Assault Weapons Bans, Waiting Periods, Gun Buy-backs and all other sundry progressive gun control measures. “Ban those guns but don’t touch mine.” FUDDs consistently look their noses down at other gun owners, are opinionated and show no loyalty to the very constitution that affords them the opportunity to own their FUDD guns.

Second Amendment advocates find FUDDs contemptible. Anti-gun people like to hold them out as “responsible” gun owners juxtaposed against all other gun owners who they categorize in the most pejorative terms such as, “Terrorist,” or, “Gunnut”.

Presently, the New Hampshire State Legislative progressives are working feverishly to eliminate the citizens Second Amendment rights. FUDD’s are right there lending a helping hand.

As New Hampshire is the battleground for the first in the Nation primary, a large field of leftists constantly visit promising gun confiscation, assault weapon bans and gun registration (They call it “universal background checks”).House Bills 109, 514 and 564 were vetoed by Governor Sununu. The left was apoplectic. They had a “blood March,” press conferences where they eschewed the Governor and other fare that is status quo for adult progressives acting like spoiled ill-behaved children.

Remember when those openly hostile to the Second Amendment used to say to us, “Nobody is coming for your guns,”? The comment came with a tone and sneer that implied we were all tin-foil hat-wearing Paranoids. In 2019, anybody on the left side of the political fold now openly advocates forced confiscation. One congressional cuck who has since dropped out of the race made confiscation the centerpiece of his campaign.

Patricia Wilczynski of Concord, in a letter to the Editor of the Fish wrapper Concord Monitor asks, “Are you waiting for a mass killing here, Governor?” The irony in her letter is that she adds a litany of states where mass murders have taken place. Ironic because many of those states already have a smorgasbord of gun control laws. Wilczynski points to Maryland, New Jersey, California and Connecticut as the scenes of mass murders. As tragic as it is, these states already have these gun control measures in place! Not only do these States have Universal Background checks, waiting periods, and Gun Free School Zones, but they have had these laws for a very long time!

California has restrictive laws on magazine capacities, bans on certain calibers, one gun a month purchase restrictions, Ammunition purchase restrictions and red flag laws…None of which stopped the Garlic Festival Shooter.

Florida has had Red Flag laws for a long time. Yet, those laws did not stop Nicholas Cruz from going on a rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The Anti-gun left insists that bans, restrictions, and prohibitions of types of certain guns will limit their availability to criminals. Look how well that has worked with illegal drugs in the United States just flowing across the border.

Take our Prisons, for example. Our Penal system supervises locked up criminals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Corrections personnel search prisoner’s cells, common areas where Prisoner have access, The spaces where prisoners live and the facilities where they eat, shower and recreate. Despite all the scrutiny, criminals manage to smuggle drugs, weapons, cell phones, and other contraband into the facilities where they are incarcerated.

Everything the leftists are asking for has been tried elsewhere. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, expecting a different result. And, the Democrats, by that measure are pretty insane.

Do anti-gun leftists genuinely believe that all these restrictions on the law-abiding citizenry will effectively reduce the availability of guns? No. They do not. This is not about having an effect on criminals. This about the leftist socialist cadre being able to enforce their will upon you and you not having the ability to fight.

Does that sound nutty? If it does, look to Venezuela to see just how nutty that is.

On August 7, 2019, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed the three anti- second amendment bills. The leftists came out in full force with their full-throated emotional diatribes. The time is now to stand united against the Kool-Aid drinking left and yet another plank in their socialist platform where they seek to disarm the populace.

The Second Amendment community needs to remain united. Additionally, we need to purge from our midst, these FUDDs. Let them gather alone and away from us, but do not let them in our midst. FUDD’s are to the second Amendment, as what French Vichy Pierre Laval was to France during World War II. (Laval was hanged as a Nazi Collaborator)

The Hillsborough County Republicans will have a Machine Gun Shoot on August 24 at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club. A Machine Gun shoot is a legal activity under our laws and we should never shy away from that. Now is the time to stand boldly and let these leftists know the Second Amendment is alive and well and we stand united, bold and unwavering in the face of this leftist cacophony and pabulum.

Don’t let these bastards steal your voice!