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Dem State Rep LIES About Being ‘Fearful’ at his School Over Sununu Vetoes

Garrett muscatel

Governor Sununu rightfully vetoed the Bloomberg-backed legislation that Democrats in the house and senate shoved through the legislature.

Of course, they were all in a tizzy about it over on Twitter, apparently their backer, Michael Bloomberg, probably isn’t going to be happy with his little Muppets.

For the record, it was Grassroots Granite Staters who sent the Governor thousands of postcards, emails, petitions, made phone calls, sent red pens and held rallies to let him know that they will not tolerate Bloomberg’s gun control that would only harm Granite Staters, in their state.

Now, back to the Democrat State Representative who blatantly lied.

Representative Garrett Muscatel (D-Grafton), seemed to be really upset that Sununu vetoed Bloomberg’s gun control, so much so that he chose to LIE about it on Twitter:

It’s hard to imagine Muscatel actually being ‘fearful’ at school. You see, aside from being a state rep, he’s a student at Dartmouth (unless he’s lying about that as well):

Of course, Dartmouth is a private university who makes their own rules for their own campus. The bill he was referring to, House Bill 564, wouldn’t even apply to Dartmouth, it applies only to K-12 schools.

Dartmouth has a policy about firearms (and knives and anything anyone could possibly use to protect themselves against a rapist or other criminal) and that policy makes Dartmouth


From Dartmouth’s website:

All weapons are prohibited on the Dartmouth campus.

No student may possess or use a firearm, archery equipment, hunting knife or weapons of any type, and corresponding supplies, in Hanover or its environs without the approval of the Director of Safety and Security and proper registration through the Department of Safety and Security. Firearms, including rifles, shotguns, air guns, and gas-powered guns, and all ammunition or hand-loading equipment and supplies for same, must be stored in the gun room at the Department of Safety and Security. This applies to students living on or off-campus. Weapons of any type, and corresponding supplies, are not allowed in any College building or in any student residence in Hanover.

So, not only did Garrett lie about his own current situation but he is a really, really bad state representative because he didn’t understand the legislation that he voted to pass. The legislation would NEVER apply to a private college or university nor would it even apply to a public college or university.

That’s a twofer for Muscatel – he’s a liar and ignorant of what legislation actually does.

In other words, he’s your typical Democrat State Rep in New Hampshire.

And if anything, he should be more fearful that his school doesn’t allow him to practice his fundamental human right to self defense.

h/t Gates Lucas