Portsmouth Rep. David Meuse, Elitist A**, Proves his HYPOCRISY to the World, Again - Granite Grok

Portsmouth Rep. David Meuse, Elitist A**, Proves his HYPOCRISY to the World, Again

Today, the Criminal Justice Committee in the New Hampshire House of Representatives held a hearing on House Bill 564 (HB 564), legislation to let psychopaths know that Granite State school children are easy prey  turn schools in the state into gun free zones.

During the hearing, Portsmouth Representative David Meuse (Democrat) decided that playing on his electronic device was far more important than listening to the testimony from citizens, legislators and lobbyists who came before his committee.

This is the same Elitist A** who wrote a Letter to the Editor pretending to understand that it is often difficult for citizens to speak in front of committees. From his hypocritical OP-ED:

“For members of the public, testifying for or against any bill is stressful enough. Legislators shouldn’t contribute to their anxiety by wearing pins, scarves, buttons, pearls, or other objects that say “I don’t care what you think. My mind is made up.”

Members of the Legislature have an obligation to do better. This is a good lesson that every member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives can learn from.”

Again, this was after Meuse decided to smear and attack a woman who speaks in front of his committee. Not exactly a welcoming environment for Granite State women who seek to speak on gun control issues. At least the representatives who wore pearls to support the Women’s Defense League actually listen to all sides during hearings and even ask questions of some of those testifying before them.

Meuse once again made a complete fool of himself when he stated the following on Twitter (this was after Bloomberg gal Shannon Watts tried to lie about the pearls again):

It gets better. Meuse spent the MAJORITY of the hearing playing on his tablet or whatever it is he was tapping away at while completely IGNORING those testifying before his committee, including those in support of gun control.

Clearly, HIS mind is already made up and he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to waste time giving his attention to the citizens before his committee. Here are just 10 photos showing how Meuse thought his tablet was more important than the public (mostly Granite State citizens). These photos were not taken one after the other. They were taken throughout the hearing. Meuse happened to be captured in the photos with those testifying due to his seat location:


The photos say it all. He was even doing this when a young intern was speaking for Granite State Progress.

It seems Meuse is trying to be the beta male version of Dover Rep. Sherry Frost. Remember when she was mocking and denigrating citizens who were speaking before her committee? I do.

Image result for sherry frost nh political buzz hearing

This is a continuation of the deplorable and Uncivil behavior of far left-wing Democrats that has been going on for the past few years. Democrat leadership allows this behavior and even embraces it. It doesn’t matter how much it may affect Granite State Citizens who these ignorant legislators are supposed to represent.

The only ‘disgrace’ on the Criminal Justice Committee is David Meuse. Period.