The Religion of Government - Granite Grok

The Religion of Government

Does it ever feel to you like everything not prohibited is required? The average American declares he is a free man, but is that declaration now more pretense than reality? Can we be free in a place where more and more is of, for and by the state? In a place where virtually nothing is outside the state can anyone or anything be free? If nothing against the state is permitted can there be anything but submission? What value has life then?

Be careful what you wish for

When our government imposes unworkable or unsatisfactory conditions it draws complaints. How does it respond? It makes reforms. Invariably those reforms are new laws, regulations and bureaucracy. The result is every new reform grows more government, which was the original problem. Be careful what you wish for. Your government is here to help.

What is a religion? A set or institutionalized system of attitudes, beliefs, and practices is a religion. Religion requires scrupulous conformity and conscientiousness. A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardent faith, for which one will kill or die is a religion. How close is government today to a religion?

Just thimk about it

What remains beyond the government today? Government controls or regulates: wages, working conditions, healthcare, money, banking, transportation, communications, education, research, farming, food, marriage, divorce, childcare, retirement, recreation, insurance, smoking, drinking, gambling, real estate, construction travel, security, trade and probably anything else one can name. Government be praised. Amen.