So Josh Marcus-Blank believes he's the Second Coming of Harrell Kirstein? This will be GREAT! - Granite Grok

So Josh Marcus-Blank believes he’s the Second Coming of Harrell Kirstein? This will be GREAT!

Poor silver-spoon-in-his-mouth Harrell Kirstein, former Communication / Spoxbud for the NH Democrat Party.  He’s gone onto other things in the Progressive world  (not far, just “down the street” to Jeanne Shaheen’s Campaign – be seeing you again, Harrell!) but we used to write about him all the time as he kept trying to attack GraniteGrok.  We just smiled – it used to make us content.

And so, Josh Marcus-Blank is now in Kirstein’s former abode at the NH Democrat party.  I’ve already had one run-in with Mr. Josh – at the NH GOP Spring to Victory party where he had 5 souls trying to get any kind of attention from the attendees for his simpleton “protest” against Gov Sununu’s inauguration finances.  At the time, I wrote this:

I knew Harold Kirstein. No, Josh Marcus-Blank, you’re no Harold Kirstein

Ayup.  And right on his Twitter page for a header is this: “if you want to be in a utopia…“.

In essence, he has proven what we (and many others) have said about the full blown NH Socialist Party (dba NH Democrat Party – who can tell the difference any more??) – they have idealized onto an idea of a Utopia for all and are doing everything to make sure that you WILL be part of it (want it or not, I might add).  Doesn’t matter if their Utopia is your vision for your own (aka, “…pursuit of Happiness”) – you will be assimilated.  And be happy about it, right Josh?n

So even as he is praising Jeanne Shaheen, once again, deciding that she knows better than the Free Market (and Kelly Ayotte voted to join Shaheen in more govt control of the “appliance efficiency” which ended up that your clothes and dish washers run for hours for worse results (pssst – Trump is killing that set of regulations! ), he’s also taking note of those that (one) will replace her:

Riiiiiigggghhhhtt. Sure thing, Josh.  You have a white candidate, a white incumbent, and a room full of white people (don’t you remember, Josh, that NH is 97% white??) – and the crowd calls out “Send her back” is RACIST?

HOW, Josh, HOW is that racist??  Almost EVERYBODY there was Caucasian, right!  Even Shaheen is a pale shade of whiteness!

Please ‘splain that one to me as I am really, REALLY confused. Oh, wait – there were a couple of black attendees – were THEY the racists, Josh, for chanting “SEND HER BACK!”?

If Shaheen was black, would it have been racist?  What if O’Brien was black, would it have been racist?  What if the crowd had been black?  Permutations, permutations, Josh.

Or, like the Utopia schtick, is it just racism all the time, Josh?  Seriously – you are blaming all the white people there for being racist against….a white incumbent?

One thing IS clear – it seem that YOU are the bigot because all you see is racism – regardless of skin colors involved.  Wait, WAIT!  How can that be? Well, if all whites are racists, Josh, and I have seen you with my own eyes, that makes you racist as well.  Not by my metrics – yours. Not only that, but because Jeanne Shaheen is white and you are a mind reader (seeing racism around every corner, wall, door, and ceiling (re: all time, full time)):

Where did they think they’d be sending her back? I can only think of two places, Josh:

  • Ummm, Madbury instead of back to DC (presuming, of course, she’d actually move back to NH from her Federal Govt Ambassador to NH haunts in DC)?  Wouldn’t that fit?
  • Ummm, back to Missouri?  Remember, Josh, she is not a NH native – but is a Progressive transplant.  Wouldn’t that fit the chant as well?

Where else do you think they meant, Josh – your unnamed Utopia? No, knowing that a Socialist Democrat Utopia would look like, I wouldn’t want to wish that on her or you. But Madbury or Missouri?  Do you consider those to be racist places?  Oh wait – Madbury, NH: majority white….ah, would that be it, Josh? Are you calling Madbury residents racists?  I’m betting that Missouri wouldn’t be all that thrilled, either – but that’s what you just did.  That, to repeat myself, would make you a white bigot, right (after all, you ARE white, right)?

Seriously, Josh, anyone looking past the surface of your tweet KNOWS that there’s nothing there – not good for a Comms Dir that actually wants to be taken seriously.  I guess that GraniteGrok will just have to take you under our wings (or to our woodshed – which ever is appropriate) to better learn your craft.

I’ll be watching, Josh!