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Has Bedford High’s New Principal Crossed a Red Line?

Perhaps, maybe, for a good reason, but Bob Jozokos certainly sounds like he’s crossing a line: who is the employee and who is the employer?  Who gets to make the decisions?  It just seems yet another example of how the Educational-Industrial complex keeps letting the mask slip just that much further – that the kids belong to us and not to their parents (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Bedford High’s new principal wants to end meddling of ‘snowplow’ parents

Trying to quell “snowplow parenting” at the high school, Bedford High School’s new principal is proposing an amendment to the student handbook designed to keep parents from overstepping their bounds.

Principal Bob Jozokos said there have been instances where a parent had a child dismissed when a pop quiz was announced and the student was unprepared, or a parent called to report a child absent on the day a project was due because the child hadn’t completed the work. Parents might also rewrite or reword a child’s essay before it was submitted, he said.

…“This is snowplowing. It is not good for the student. It’s not good for you,” said Jozokos. “We all care about our kids, but there is a point where our care can do harm to their development as young adults.”

The principal wants a new paragraph in the student handbook to make it clear snowplow parenting is forbidden.

So, now the Principal thinks the proper role for his brand new position is to be bossing around the parents, who pay his salary, like children?  Got news for you dude, you watch over kids – don’t diss your employers.

It’s an attitude that I’ve been watching for years, growing and growing.  I’ll say it again, new teachers ARE being taught to not trust parents. The Left is doing all it can to eliminate the role of parents in education. Why else have they advocated for NO parental notification for things from curriculum to standardized testing with inappropriate questions to totally inappropriate sex education, and replacing the morality of said parents with a more secular one by the schools? Seriously, forbidden?  Who the heck does he think he is?

Sure, read the piece (link below) and I’ll admit, there are elements of truth in it. In fact, I’m seeing it every time I go to our town’s beach for the Grandson’s swimming lesson. A class of 3-year-olds.  Nope, it’s not “ooh, butterfly!” it’s “Duck! Let’s go follow the duck!” In addition, there is a parent that stays close to that class (the Grandson is in it) that every time her son does ANYTHING wrong, shows a deviation to what the instructors are trying to do, or doesn’t pay attention, she’s right there to correct him. In and out, in and out, over and over again – why should the lifeguards bother watching him as Mom is there constantly yelling out his name for this, that, and everything else? However…

Successes are important, but failures are as well and Jozokos is correct in this aspect. That said, I can’t believe he said this as well:

Jozokos stressed that he is not reaching into the homes of Bedford families and providing consequences for any parent who snowplows or edits papers or gives their child advice on their academic work.

I am not going after anyone for helping to edit a paper,” he said. However, parents should think about this process and remember that they are trying to raise young adults, said the principal.

Well, what a relief! I certainly hope no consequences but the fact that he was even thinking about “consequences for any parent”, given the climate of overreach by education professionals I’ve been observing, is not good. I do some parent pulls him aside and let him know that while he is the Principal, they don’t report to him and that it is the other way around.

It comes down to “who is the Public Servant and who is the Master?”, and is that relationship being turned on its head?

(H/T: Union Leader)