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People in Glass Houses; Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar - as a MN State Rep

Was there a marriage between Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minn. and her brother? It remains an open issue. There are other questions too surrounding the accusation e.g.:

  • Did Ms. Omar apply for or facilitate another in acquiring educations loans using false representations?
  • Did Ms. Omar commit bigamy?
  • Was Ms. Omar involved in making false representations on immigration documents?
  • Did Ms. Omar file her tax returns properly?
The reporting on the accusation is about the president…

Media outlets are attacking the accusation since the President’s response to a question about it last week. No one in the media has been able to definitively untangle the saga. Omar continues to exhibit unwillingness to provide information to clear things up. Her congressional office is telling reporters it’s not responding to press inquiries on the matter.

The question asked of the President last Wednesday was whether Omar’s husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was also her brother. He said he had heard talk but knew “nothing about it.” Before the question to the president there had been little media reporting on the matter.

The reporting on the matter itself…

What has been reported:

  1. One time Omar allowed a reporter to view documents on a cell phone.
    • That is the extent of evidence against the claim.
  2. The New York Times fact-check of Omar’s marriage uses faulty math to indicate based on dates of birth that it’s impossible for Omar and Elmi to have the same mother. It’s not.  
    • The Times that “no proof has emerged” to substantiate claims regarding Omar’s marriage.
    • It also did not speak to Omar.
    • It’s unclear whether it requested any information or comment from her for its fact-check.
  1. PolitiFact started its efforts on the marriage question after Trump’s Wednesday press question.
    • It went to the Star Tribune to ask about its attempts to gather facts.
    • The Minnesota paper’s political editor told PolitiFact his interest began when his reporters “were not getting a lot of answers” from Omar on her tax returns.
    • Omar made filings claiming to be married to her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, when she in fact was not.
    • After reviewing the dearth of evidence collected by those suggesting that Elmi was Omar’s brother, Diaz assigned two reporters to come to the conclusion that, if there’s smoke there’s probably fire.
    • The paper’s Star Tribune’s said their biggest impediment to finding the truth was Omar.
    • She’s been unwilling to address any of these questions which has fueled the controversy.
    • They asked her these questions, and also asked her to make her father available.
    • They’ve tried to reach Elmi.
    • They’ve tried to reach her sisters.
    • Her family could put the question of Elmi’s relationship to Omar to rest easily.
    • No one will talk to us. They admittedly have not sent a reporter to Mogadishu Somalia.
    • Editor Diaz says there is “circumstantial evidence that begs for some kind of explanation from a member of Congress…”
Free Beacon…
  1. The Free Beacon has also been unable to come to a conclusion.
    • There is substantial evidence that her marriage to Elmi wasn’t legitimate.
    • Official records show Omar living with her current husband while married to Elmi.
    • Elmi is now living in the United Kingdom.
    • There is also a significant amount of evidence  suggesting there’s a lot more to the story. The evidence is in official documents and social media posts,
  2. Omar has consistently been unwilling to answer questions.
    • Her team’s first on-the-record statement was to a PowerLine reporter in August 2016. They were unwilling to answer questions.
    • Her office’s only recent comment on the marriage issue has been an attempt to dissuade “legitimate media outlets” from investigating it.

Whatever the truth may be, Ms. Omar is less than transparent on the matter. As critical as the representative has been of others, she should consider whether those in glass houses should throw stones.