O’Brien 2020: MicroInterview with Ken Eyring - Granite Grok

O’Brien 2020: MicroInterview with Ken Eyring

Other then the MicroInterview with Di Lothrup, all of the MicroInterviews I did were done after the rally had completed.  Usually I try to ask just one or two questions (er, remember: micro) from all.  It is interesting to listen to those willing to talk; invariably they have different answers to the same questions.  I find that fascinating.

Here, long time activist Ken Eyring (full disclosure: writes for GraniteGrok when he has the time) answering my questions.  He’s a very thoughtful guy, a very smart guy (one of the smartest I know) – not someone that NHDP Chair Ray Buckley could even hope to hold a candle to. Yet, Buckley would, in a heartbeat, call him a “far right extremist” – a crazy guy.

Go ahead, tell me if Ken is a Ray-Buckley-Crazy-Guy!