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Nashua School Board is Asking for 3 Million More a Year for Latest Bad Idea in Education


If you thought public education was expensive and increasingly useless, Nashua is prepared to double down on that. At tonight’s School Board meeting, they will “discuss” adding 3 million a year to the budget for Social Emotional Learning.

The plan includes a task force to determine “developmentally and culturally appropriate norms for student behavior.”  You get Social Emotional Learning and behavior assessment to measure student growth.  Translated, this means the Nashua School District wants more money for professional behavior modification and the data tracking tools to make sure they are doing it properly.

Can you say, ‘Home School?’

Allowing the state to reprogram your little darlings to the latest nonsense doesn’t come cheap. It requires a new assistant superintendent at $115,000.00 to start. The new Director of Social-Emotional learning gets $90K.  There’s a $120,000.00-line item for outreach directors and consultants. The 10.5 new Health teachers required will cost $630,000 a year. Not to be outdone, the 14 social workers will cost $840,000.00 annually.

This all falls under the category of cultivating, “a safe and nurturing learning and working environment.” Because “The Nashua School District will educate the whole child to empower student success.”

As a parent, I wouldn’t want you educating the whole child. Your job is to teach kids how to learn, not what to learn, or how to feel. And certainly not what to believe. 

Think about that. The elites believe you are an idiot at best and dangerous the rest of the time. That same government school wants total control of your child’s development. Talk about creepy. And not just because Public schools can’t manage to get math, reading, and science correct. Feelings?  How wrong might that experiment go?

They’ll ruin entire generations of human beings; not that this hasn’t already been on tap for decades. They’ve just found another tag line that adds millions in additional administrative overhead to the cost of what used to be just a crappy education.

Nothing’s Free

Advocates always claim these things are revenue neutral. That means they have a way to make some other taxpayers pay for it to get buy-in from you. Nashua’s gotten out of hand with that sort of thinking. It’s the liberals.

They call it free money but a more familiar term for it might be donor towns or donor citizens. These are people who got taxed so some bureaucrat could launder their earnings through the sieve, take their cut, and shuffle it off to backstop the latest bad idea in (this case) Education.

This should make Nashua Taxpayers curious. If it’s free, why does the School board need three million dollars to pay salaries (and benefits) that will never go down or go away? Is the free money recurring in perpetuity?  No. And what’s that paying for if you need $3,000.0000.00 more every year for administrative overhead?

One more point. Rumors that the program will increase graduation rates are spurious. Former Governor John Lynch made them go up by changing the meaning and coming up with creative definitions for what constitutes graduating.’ That means lower the standards or ignore them. And that’s been going on for years. It’s why so many ‘graduates’ need to take remedial math and English in their first year of college. 

Public education with Social-emotional learning will make that worse.

But at least the “graduates: will be able to articulate how they feel about that. Not in writing, but, like, I’m probably, like, just being picky. They’ll be fluent in emotional pictures, you know, emoticons.

Update: Tonight’s Nashua School Board meeting has been postponed – lack of a quorum

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