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Ivanka Buys a White Dog – Leftists Lose Their Minds

Ivanka buys a dog - Left loses its mind

Ivanka bought her daughter Arabella a white dog. Guess what happened next?

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Internet trolls rolled out with the racism.

The con man and not so criminal mastermind Michael Avenatti (who has a promising future in Federal prison as a somebody’s bitch) replied

Biff @DonaldJTrumpJr – condolences on your sister replacing you as her favorite puppy. Btw, does your family allow anything in their lives that is not WHITE?

Other remarks included,

  • Good thing it’s a white dog. Your dad hates the blacks.
  • If it was a brown dog, would you put it in a cage?
  • I see you skipped a rescue and went straight to an Aryan breeder. Does it sit and sieg heil yet?

Ad hominem.

You may also recall that when Melania wore white, it was a racist dog-whistle. But when democrats, who ran the Klan, instituted Jim Crow, opposed every Republican effort at equal rights for Blacks, and built the welfare-ghetto system to entrap African Americans under the heel of government “wore white,” they were speaking truth to power.

So, what if the dog was not white? What if the puppy was brown or black or any other color at all?

You guessed correctly! We’d have gotten the same spiel. I bet to cage him. You got a black dog so you could make it beg and do what you want. Are you gonna send it back where it came from? You know the drill — miserable, unhappy people oppressing everyone who disagrees with them politically regardless of color (or species).

Hey, the dog’s name is Winter. Isn’t it time to start in with the climate denier narratives? 

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